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DIY or MSSP? How to tailor your security strategy to your needs

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) bring together people, process and technology as a three-pronged approach – one that can provide a holistic and customised approach to security designed for your organisation.

However, one of the largest inhibitors to cloud adoption is concern around the security of leveraging a service provider in a multi-cloud world. A lot is at stake and yes, you should be cautious.

Managed Security Service Providers for Dummies is your ebook that provides useful tips that will allow pragmatic and simple decision-making. 

  • How security challenges have evolved in the cloud
  • Why you need a new strategy to address security challenges in the cloud
  • How to optimise people, processes, and technology to enhance your security posture in the cloud
  • What you need to consider when choosing to “do it yourself” or go with a managed security services provider
  • How to address different industry use cases and compliance requirements in the cloud
  • Why you need to re-evaluate your enterprise security strategy for the modern cloud era
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