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Data center security by design: Next-generation firewalls can help

When considering data centre security, you will need to decide which security functions need to be deployed and where you want to deploy them.  

These functions are expected to be implemented wherever a firewall is used.

The main function of a traditional firewall is to block or permit traffic based on ports or protocols.

The ability to offer IPSec VPNs to encrypt data between sites or to individuals is also an imperative function of a firewall.

As security devices have advanced, the ‘Next-Generation Firewall’ (NGFW) functionality became integral.  

NGFW functionality can identify the actual application that is transported, regardless of the port being used and the capability to attach user identity to security policies to manage traffic.

NGWF is the only beginning – use the checklist in the whitepaper to find out what other steps to take to build a data centre that’s secure by design.

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