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How to resolve network issues using PRTG

Your IT infrastructure needs a constant review in order to ensure the health of your system. Are there overloaded components, like CPU or memory, for example? Is the temperature of your servers acceptable? Are there Windows servers that restart occasionally during the night? Are you aware of this issue, or missing the clue that something is wrong? You also want to know when hard disks in your environment are nearing maximum capacity when memory is running low, or you need to upgrade your internet connection due to increasing bandwidth usage.

Knowing these network conditions will indicate when it might be time to invest in new hardware resources. PRTG provides you detailed monitoring data and historical reports about all of your network components. Analyzing these, you can see usage trends in order to predict when resources are going to run out. PRTG can also warn you with an immediate notification when something uncommon occurs, like a server outage or when certain values reach a defined threshold. This way, you can react before things get worse.

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