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The security tool conundrum: Can you have too much of a good thing?

Can you have too much of a good thing? Organisations across Asia Pacific are using many different security tools to protect their businesses, but often they have no centralised platform to manage those tools.

The side effects of such a fragmented approach can result in siloed security tools, too many alerts, and stressed IT teams that can’t sort through the real alerts.

A study by Ovum found that typically it’s the larger organisations (1000 branches or more) that are most likely to manage many tools (more than 100 in this case).  What’s more, 17.2% of all respondents manage more than 50 tools.

So what do APAC organisations need help with, and what can you demand from your security provider? Are you relying too much on your cloud service provider?

Get the facts to help you make the right choices about your security tools in Ovum’s report: Too Much of a Good Thing? Enterprise Cybersecurity Adoption Trends across Asia-Pacific.

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