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Using Splunk in conjunction with syslog-ng for log management

Splunk is a popular search and analysis platform that allows IT experts to gain valuable insights from any organisations stored data.

As with most things, it’s better when you work together, which is why One Identity has released this white paper for the many users that also have syslog-ng deployed in their environments. 

Having the right tools is only half the battle, not until you can leverage them most effectively can you see the gains that properly managed data can provide.

This guideline describes scenarios in which Splunk users can benefit from syslog-ng Premium Edition features and offers some technical guidance to optimise the syslog-ng configuration.

Read this guide to see five use cases, including:

  • Collecting logs from network devices
  • Feeding multiple analysis tools
  • Long-term log storage
  • Advanced filtering on clients to reduce data
  • Multithread processing capabilities to meet the needs of the largest environments
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