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Whitepaper: How to make sure your security architecture keeps up with surging network speeds

Unrelenting demands for higher network speeds are only compounding the problem, as a study from Gigamon reveals network traffic has accelerated to the point where many systems can’t keep up. This is preventing them from analysing the entire traffic volume, consequently allowing malicious code to sneak through.

So, what’s the solution?

Rather than invest in a variety of security tools or even an entire security infrastructure upgrade that will tax your budget and overcomplicate your systems, Gigamon says the answer is to do more with less by enhancing the effectiveness of your existing tools by sending them only the relevant data to process.

For example, a web application firewall only needs to inspect web traffic while an intrusion prevention system may not need to reinspect traffic that has already been inspected in another zone. If a security tool only receives the precise network data it needs to inspect, it can keep up with growing data volumes to detect and prevent threats slipping in.

Gigamon has provided a free whitepaper with the goal to help organisations build an efficient and effective security architecture.

The whitepaper includes:

  • An in-depth look into the cybersecurity issues plaguing enterprises around the world
  • A guide for building an intelligent security architecture that can allocate tasks to the relevant tools
  • Exclusive insights into how security architects can stop tool sprawl, cut costs, and significantly shorten the time taken to roll out threat prevention initiatives
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