IT Brief Australia - Need advice on DRaaS? Microsoft exec can help with a one-on-one consultation


Need advice on DRaaS? Microsoft exec can help with a one-on-one consultation

At some point of a business’ lifespan, a natural disaster, a technical failure, or human error occurs, and the owner realises the need for the company to implement a disaster recovery strategy.

Whatever the catalyst, CIOs will realise the cost of having an efficient disaster recovery solution in place is far less than the cost of downtime if a worst case scenario becomes reality.

Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery, available through TechData, is the most cost-effective disaster recovery solution on the market.

Tech Data lets partners provide a great solution for small-to-medium enterprises looking to implement disaster-recovery-as-a-service.

It also gives partners quick and easy access to the Azure ecosystem.

Using the software-as-a-service model, partners can shift their business from Microsoft’s transactional model to creating recurring revenue by providing subscription-based services.

If you’re a partner and you’re unsure how to initiate a conversation, Microsoft is offering the opportunity of a one on one conversation with Jeanne Johnson, its business development director.

The briefing sessions last between an hour to one and a half hours, covering:

  • A brief introduction of Microsoft’s disaster recovery solutions
  • Services revenues that could be gained over a time period
  • Assistance and support available from partnering through Tech Data vs directly with Microsoft

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