IT Brief Australia - Reduce facilities costs and TCO by 27% with Power8 servers


Reduce facilities costs and TCO by 27% with Power8 servers

Organisations today generate data constantly but not enough of them are able to translate the information into real business outcomes.

This data holds the key to unlocking your business’ agility and strength moving forward.

The data explosion has the power to disrupt or to bring advantage to enterprises that position themselves to make the most of it.

Even SAP HANA, one of the most powerful tools in enterprise data analytics, is being strained by the growth in the volume, velocity and variety of data.

This is where Advent One, paired with Power8, can help your organisation get actionable insights out of your data.

IBM and SAP have co-innovated together to develop IBM’s Power8 servers.

Power8 is a system designed from the ground up to complement the SAP HANA system and to respond to the influx big data.

Even better, Power8 is available as a managed service from Advent One, reducing the need for specialised skills and making SAP HANA significantly easier to deploy.

This will provide your business with flexibility - flexibility that will allow you to grow your platform seamlessly as your business grows, taking advantage of either temporary or permanent capacity on demand; get greater return on your investment with a platform that allows resources to be shared between Production, Development, and Disaster Recovery; and support an efficient transition from legacy SAP to HANA on a platform that supports the new while you transition from the old.

Power8 servers are able to deliver:

  • Five times better performance on 86% fewer processing cores for analytics
  • 27% lower total cost of ownership with simpler systems and reduced facilities costs
  • Eight times HANA production instances per server, with mobility of SAP instances between machines

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