IT Brief Australia - APAC security teams are on edge - what should your next move be?


APAC security teams are on edge - what should your next move be?

If there’s one thing you can be certain of, it’s uncertainty – that that has never been more evident than in cybersecurity, where threats swim around us faster and much more often than ever before.

LogRhythm Labs CISO and VP James Carder says that those security leaders who work in the industry trenches have a unique insight about the challenges security professionals and their teams face every day of their working lives.

The Asia-Pacific 2018 Cybersecurity: Perceptions & Practice survey polled 751 mid-to-large-size organisations across Asia Pacific, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Asia Pacific respondents are amongst those experiencing breaches (39%) have experienced a breach in the last year – a statistic that’s even higher than what those in the UK and US have experienced.

What’s more, APAC respondents are facing increased response times – only 30% are able to contain a major incident in one hour.

So what are our best moves?

As security experts, it’s unlikely our constant state of being stretched thin will be relieved anytime soon.

But we’re taking the right approach: The majority of IT executives surveyed believe their C-suite is  paying more attention to cybersecurity efforts than they did last year. Gone are the days when the C-suite wouldn’t even listen properly.

This report covers almost everything you need to know about threat intelligence in Asia Pacific and beyond, with topics including:

  • Challenges facing security teams
  • Insider threats
  • Breach report breakdowns in APAC and worldwide
  • AI in security

It’s time to arm teams with the AI-enabled tools they need to succeed in the critical battle against persistent and damaging cyber threats.

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