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Aussie tech solutions firm Diversus records strongest year yet

01 Sep 2015

Business and technology solutions firm Diversus has recorded its strongest financial year yet with strong indications revenue will double in FY 2016, it announced this week. 

The company says the success is accredited to several multi-year and multi-million dollar contracts in the growing Diversus client portfolio. 

Significant contracts have ensured steady business during Diversus’ growth across Australia with $12 million in forward contracts. Up 32.6% on July 2014, Diversus’ existing contracts with government departments include Department of Treasury, Tourism WA, Department of Regional Development and Office of the Auditor General. 

Outside the public sector, significant contracts have been secured with national insurers, including MDA National, along-with standing agribusiness organisations and resource clients contributing to Diversus’ overall success.

“We are pleased that Diversus continues to grow despite the slowing Western Australian economy,” says Dien Tang, director and principal consultant, Diversus. 

“ We take a holistic view of our client’s business, offering quality service and a strong return on investment (ROI). The multi-year contracts confirm our partnering commitment and the value we add to organisations,” he says. 

“We are looking forward to assisting our established, as well as new clients to shape their digital future.”

Claude De Lucia, Diversus director and principal consultant adds,, “We are delighted to continue our ongoing relationship with iconic and strategically-important WA organisations. 

“In addition to significant projects such as redevelopment and modernisation of the Tourism WA website, ongoing service contracts confirm Diversus’ strength in delivering quality technology and innovative business solutions. 

“Continuing to win multi-million and multi-year contracts speaks volumes about the quality of services Diversus provides.”

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