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BluJay enters partnership with Uber Freight to optimise global shipping

BluJay Solutions has entered into a partnership agreement with Uber Freight in a bid to further both companies' commitment to help build global supply chains. 

Bryant Smith, global product manager at BluJay Solutions, says real-time insight into market prices has become essential in the face of global change and volatile demand. 

"Supply chain leaders must be able to see current market conditions in order to make decisions quickly and adapt accordingly. Now, by integrating directly with BluJays Transportation Management via API, shippers can instantly access Uber Freight's real-time pricing and tendering capabilities, with reliable capacity," he explains.

"At BluJay, we aim to help our customers achieve operational excellence by providing the tools they need to make immediate, informed business decisions. With Uber Freights transparent marketplace, our TMS customers can easily access a new level of capacity with real-time visibility so they can plan for the weeks ahead and account for last-minute market shifts," he says. 

"This integration and the responsiveness it allows shippers is a right now solution for customers facing todays challenges, but also during the more traditional market fluctuation."

Head of business development at Uber Freight, Laurent Hautefeuille says it is more important than ever for supply chains to be flexible and dynamic, in order to keep pace with a constantly changing market.

"Together with BluJay, we are making our tech-forward approach to freight available to more businesses looking for increased foresight and control of their operations," Hautefeuille says.

Uber Freight integrates directly with the BluJay platform to power instant quotes, booking, and carrier matching. The integration allows businesses that use BluJay's Transportation Management application to tap into Uber Freight's pricing insights and vast network of over 50,000 carriers. The API-based integration can be turned on within hours for shippers, allowing for fast access to end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Bill Madden, VP of Managed Transportation Services (MTS) at BluJay, says among the first customers to benefit from this partnership are food manufacturers and packaging companies experiencing surges in volume as they provide essential products during the pandemic. 

"For many BluJay customers, right now it is more crucial than ever that their products make it to grocery shelves on time. We have been successful in our ability to rapidly and accurately execute on behalf of our customers, and have leveraged solid support through BluJays Uber Freight API integration," he says. 

"For example, we were able to stand up the platform and push the first load tender all inside of a single business day for one of our food manufacturer shippers. Were seeing early adoption across both our managed customers and our TMS shippers, all with the same goal of making the right decisions quickly to keep freight moving through the supply chain."

More than $18 billion in annualised freight moves through BluJay's Transportation Management platform, with approximately $3 billion managed on behalf of shippers by BluJay's MTS team, also known as Logistics as a Service.

The partnership comes within a growth year for Uber Freight. To date, the company announced joint work with other global cloud service providers and expanded to serve thousands of shippers around the world with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

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