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Jabra launches wireless earbuds for mobile workforce

15 Jan 2019

As many workplaces embrace more flexible and mobile ways of working, the humble telephone is something that often keeps people at their desks – something that UC sound solution provider Jabra is taking to heart.

Jabra has released a new set of wireless earbuds designed specifically for the mobile professional, and the earbuds have already gained Skype for Business certification.

Jabra cites research from the Jabra & Kantar ‘Knowledge Worker Study 2018’, June 2018 study, which found that a third of the 1350 polled office workers spend less than 20% of their time working at their desk.

What’s more, the global workforce has become more mobile between 2015 and 2018, a trend that is likely to continue. Jabra took action to serve and support the shift towards mobile working.

“With workers no longer tied to their desk, mobility is becoming an increasingly important priority, with workers demanding high quality audio connectivity, UC integration and full flexibility,” the company states.

The company developed the Jabra Evolve 65t, a wireless earbud designed to deliver professional quality sound for calls and music. The earbuds enable business professionals to connect with customers and colleagues around the workplace or while travelling.

The Skype for Business certified four-microphone technology enables optimal call quality for the true wireless form factor. And following the recent announcement that Microsoft Teams now supports call control (HID) enablement, Jabra devices will continue to be supported within Teams.

A single button touch allows users to send voice commands to their digital assistants of choice, so they can be connected and stay connected – even as they shuttle between different locations throughout the day. They are also able to connect to two devices simultaneously, ensuring that users never have to compromise on their professional presence even when on-the-go. 

“With the Evolve range we have focused on empowering users to be productive at work. Whether your main place of work is a crowded, open office or a flexible environment, it is crucial that you have seamless connectivity and optimal concentration. With Evolve 65t, we now add a true wireless headset to the professional experience,” comments Jabra A/NZ managing director David Piggott.

The Evolve 65t at a glance:
•    Certified for excellence – Skype for Business certified to provide validation for high quality experience 
•    Sound on the go – Superior true wireless sound with 4-microphone technology
•    Power to last the day – Up to 15 hours of battery-life (with charging case) and fast-charge feature to power 1.5 hours of additional use on just a 15-minute charge 
•    Dual Connectivity – Connect to two devices simultaneously for the optimal collaboration experience. Superior true wireless stability to reduce call and music dropouts
•    Mobile Concentration – Multiple fitting options for perfect seal and hear-through functionality for an adjustable Passive Noise Cancellation experience 
•    Music, the way you want to hear it – Superior music experience with integration to the Jabra Sound+ app for personalizing the sound and user-experience 
•    Voice commands made simple – One-touch access to digital assistants of choice.

The Jabra Evolve 65t is available in Australia and New Zealand. MSRP: AU$605, and NZ$733.

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