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Netsurion adds new security functionality to SIEM platform

Netsurion has launched its Remote Workforce Threat Detection, a built-in feature of its EventTracker SIEM platform, designed to bring portable and comprehensive protection to businesses operating in the work from home (WFH) era.

Remote Workforce Threat Detection is immediately available at no charge to EventTracker customers and the company's MSP partners to help them protect their clients' expanded WFH remote attack surfaces, the company states. Furthermore, it is bundled with EventTracker for future customers.

The company’s EventTracker SIEM delivers visibility into security and compliance posture whether at the endpoint, on critical servers and network equipment, in the cloud, at home or on-premises.

It automatically detects behavior anomalies and indicators of compromise (IoCs), alerts security teams and offers options to block attacks. The solution is optimised for small businesses with one location and a few dozen employees through to medium enterprises with thousands of employees at multiple locations.

The new Remote Workforce Threat Detection capability complements existing authentication, SaaS services, remote access and VPN solutions, Netsurion states.

It provides visibility and protects organisations using collaboration platforms including SaaS productivity solutions, Microsoft 365 and Google Suite; Single Sign-On authentication solutions including Okta, Cisco Duo and Microsoft; VPN solutions from Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, SonicWall and Remote Access via RDP.

Furthermore, it watches for COVID-19 related phishing scams which have significantly increased in volume. The detection functionality helps prevent attacks using compromised credentials and phishing, which remain the greatest factors in data breaches according to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).

Netsurion president A.N. Ananth says, “We monitor six billion events every day from our 24/7 global SOC and have seen a significant spike in threat activity directly tied to WFH.

“We designed Remote Workforce Threat Detection to give our customers an easy way to highlight security problems specifically associated with a remote workforce. Abnormal behavior is identified even in cases where a home PC is used to connect to company resources.”

Anarth says, “Compliance is another looming issue brought to the forefront by the telework surge. With up to 90% of employees working from home, security auditors in highly regulated organisations are starting to challenge compliance earned for on-premises employees.

"A complete level of protection for remote employees, once a nice to have, is now a must.”

In a recent review, the EventTracker security platform was awarded 4.75 stars by SC Media for performance, support and value in the SIEM and UTM-NGFW review.

Netsurion is unique in the industry as a vendor that offers both best-in-class SIEM technology for DIY security professionals and a 24/7 ISO-certified security operations center (SOC) for those who want a managed security solution, the reviewers stated.

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