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New Savi wireless headsets range announced

26 Sep 2019

Plantronics (“Poly” – formerly Plantronics and Polycom), a global communications company has announced the next generation of the company’s lineup of Savi wireless headsets. 

The enhanced Savi Office and UC Series will offer more wearing styles, plus features to help with working in noisy office environments.

“People will always need the ability to focus,” says Poly personal solutions product marketing director Tamara Lane. 

“Open offices facilitate collaboration which is great for group problem-solving, but we all have our moments when we need to focus independently. The challenge is staying in the zone despite the buzz around you. We’ve updated our Savi 8200 Office and UC Series headsets to better address these needs.”

Poly’s expertise in enterprise-grade headset solutions enable maximum productivity – whether you connect to your desk phone, PC, mobile device or a combination of devices – regardless of the type of work environment you are in. 

The new Savi 8200 wireless headset models allow you to escape distraction with the following features:

  • Close Conversation Limiting and ANC

The new Savi 8200 Office and UC Series include a unique close conversation limiting feature. 

That means that everyone on the call will hear only the person talking into the headset, without interfering background noise from neighbouring co-workers. The Savi 8220 also includes active noise cancelling (ANC) to block out office noise. These features help everyone on the call focus on the business at hand. Poly is the first enterprise headset company to offer a DECT headset with ANC.

  • Office Mobility

Savi headsets are great for “corridor warriors” who prefer (or need) to walk and talk while on a call. 

The Savi 8200 family of devices enjoy a wireless office range of up to 180 feet (55 meters). 

If users are in an unblocked line of sight from the base, that range extends up to 590 feet (180 meters), giving people the freedom to roam. 

The Savi 7200 Office headset has a range of up to 394 feet (120 meters), for when people really need to work while away from their desk phone. 

The Savi 8245 adds unlimited talk-time: users can charge a second battery that comes with the purchase while the headset is in use. 

If the battery starts to run low, users can do a “hot swap” during a call without missing a beat.

  • Diverse Wearing Styles and Multiple-Device Connectivity

With the new Savi line, businesses now have access to a variety of wearing styles to suit different preferences, including stereo (Savi 8220), mono (Savi 8210) or convertible (Savi 8240/8245). 

The Savi 7200 Office Series includes a newly designed over-the-head DECT headset for traditional and IP desk phone use. 

The Savi 8200 Office base also features multi-device connectivity and easy call merging with support for desk phones, mobile devices and PCs. 

The Savi 8200 UC Series includes a DECT mini USB adapter compatible with PCs/Macs or desk phones supporting USB audio.

  • DECT – Enhanced Security

Poly remains the only headset manufacturer to have its entire DECT portfolio certified for security by the DECT Forum, the international association of the wireless home and enterprise communication industry.

  • Remote Management for IT

Adding the Plantronics Manager Pro software-as-a-service (sold separately) to a purchase allows IT teams to track every Savi 8200 Office or Savi 8200 UC Series product to help streamline the management of headset deployments, including device firmware updates and policy compliance.

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