IT Brief Australia - Reckon shifts sides and goes vertical


Reckon shifts sides and goes vertical

Australian cloud accounting software provider Reckon has introduced a major dashboard redesign for its flagship software, Reckon One. The provider is hoping to transform the user experience for its customers.  

As part of the update, the software’s interface has shifted from horizontal to vertical. The vertical navigation menu is meant to give the site a sleeker, more accessible look and use. 

Clive Rabie, Group CEO of Reckon, says, “We’ve always thrived on creating innovative products to fundamentally transform the business economy, and this redesign marks a significant step in redefining the customer experience, making it easier for small businesses to thrive.”

Some of the key highlights, aside from the vertical dashboard redesign, include:

  • Real world language: Certain functions have been renamed to make Reckon One more intuitive. For instance, “Selling” has been changed to “Money In” and “Buying” is now “Money Out.”
  • Tailored to any device: With a fluid design framework, Reckon One can now adjust its layout in a dynamic way to ensure effective usage of screen estate anytime, anywhere.

“We know our customers want simple, intuitive and tailored experiences across any application - be it their personal social media feed or a sophisticated business tool - and that is exactly what we have done with the revamp,” says Rabie.

Kim Chapman, Reckon Accredited Partner says, “This new side navigation panel is a clever use of page space, and is great for tablets.  The improved grouping and layout of quick links also makes it much easier to find functions.”

Reckon maintains that most of Reckon One’s existing menu wording is the same as it was before, only flipped vertically. To save customers time and less clicking time, most areas are only 2 clicks away.

"With our smarter breed of online accounting software and 'perfect fit' approach, small businesses can now benefit from a combination of superior value based on our unique pricing structure and simplicity,” says Rabie.

The dashboard redesign was rolled out and made available to Reckon customers worldwide on 30 August 2016.

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