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Digital banking news stories - Page 2

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Finance, Leasing & Rental
Kiwibank invests in financial future of young Banqers
“It demonstrates demand for financial education in schools, and affirms that there is appetite for the solution we’re providing.”
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Digital Transformation
How low-code platforms enable digital transformation in ANZ banks
Technology savvy customers across ANZ are demanding for technologies such as mobile commerce and the use of smartphones for banking transactions.
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Education apps
Credit scores for kids on education app Banqer
"Hopefully over time this will help develop a healthy approach to credit amongst our youth.”
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IntegrationWorks joins global group to help tackle banking industry conundrum
Kiwi-based IntegrationWorks has shown 'commitment' to the banking industry, by joining the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN).
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Ciena encryption boosts data center security for biggest Korean financial co
KB Kookmin Bank, the biggest financial institution in Korea, has boosted its security with the help of Ciena encryption capabilities.
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Digital banking
Digital disruption on its way to the ANZ banking sector
“To compete with disruptors, financial institutions need to do a little disrupting of their own."
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Are incumbent vendors holding back digital banking?
Vendors need to step up or step aside as new demands in the digital banking sector place pressure on businesses.
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Credit card fraud
Bank Card Skimmer Jailed
A Polish man was sentenced to three months imprisonment for attempted bank fraud at Manukau District Court.
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New Kiwibank campaign imitates FPS game
‘Green ops’ ties a gaming motif into serious cinema-style promotion.