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Skillsoft achieves Workday Learning Integration status
Skillsoft has achieved integration status with Workday, providing customers with an integration that connects Workday Learning with Skillsoft Percipio.
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Zoho Corp launches new e-learning tool, TrainerCentral
"TrainerCentral offers all the necessary tools to build a website, set up a business, and create online courses, giving our trainers time to focus."
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CYPHER LEARNING advances online learning in Australia
With the launch of ILP, CYPHER LEARNING aims to emphasise the difference between a traditional LMS and an intelligent solution.
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New phishing simulator helps organisations strengthen cybersecurity
DeltaNet International has released its Phishing Simulator tool, designed to help organisations strengthen their cybersecurity awareness.
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Collaborative learning
Singapore real estate firm encourages professionals to upskill
"We are seeing a new approach to the learning of specialised real estate training in this competitive real estate industry driven by tech; one that is bite-sized, collaborative and turns real estate salespersons into the industry’s trusted professionals."
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How Skillsoft aims to address growing IT skills gap
Skillsoft Aspire will supposedly provide enterprise technologists and developers with curated learning paths to advance their proficiency in critical technology roles.
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Digital Learning
NZ’s slow technology uptake could affect education
“If we, New Zealand, became early adopters as well as empowered our young people to work at crafting technology to solve every-day problems."
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Online learning
e-Learning provider launches new experience driven platform
"Learning experience is just as important. For that reason, we decided to build a world-class immersive learning experience, not just content."
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Blogging keeps kids learning over "summer slump"
"The summer holiday period is particularly important as evidence shows that students’ learning is adversely impacted during this time."
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Technology in the Classroom
Recharging robots with stories and teamwork in term 2
A chance to try a new gamification tool that encourages collaboration. Can you save the droid before his power cells are permanently drained?
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Whangarei is the next region to Jump the digital divide
"Access to the internet is critical in getting all our children better placed to succeed in school and later in life."
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Ministry of Education
Digital tech to teach students about Passchendaele
"Entrants are asked to use digital technology to produce a curriculum resource for year 7 to 10 students about the Battle of Passchendaele."
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Technology in the Classroom
Enabling e-Learning serves up new free digital resource
Te Ara Whītiki is Enabling e-Learning's latest offering. It hopes to connect educators with the right advice for digital offerings across the sector.
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Auckland startup launches 'revolutionary' online platform for bite-sized learning
"Staff training and knowledge sharing has until now been a costly and logistically difficult exercise, but not any more."
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NZ business acknowledged for innovative eLearning solution
For the last 30 years Sysdoc has worked with businesses looking to transform and improve operations.
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Teacher-focused online course provider raises $2.5 million in funding
"We're probably the largest online education company no one knows about," says Ankur Nagpal, Teachable founder.
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Interactive content and gamification: Key trends shaping education
"These technologies are data-driven and sophisticated online platforms and software that adjust to learner interactions and performance levels."
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English teacher launches Kickstarter to bring eLearning to the masses
“While English and arts subjects are essential for every person, they have long been overlooked by edtech companies.”
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Amazon teases new education platform
"Someday soon, educators everywhere will have free and unlimited access to first-class course materials from a revolutionary platform."
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E-learning expert coming to NZ
“Open education is an opportunity for anyone to learn anything from anyone else at any time."
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What do teachers need? Technology professional development, apparently
"Teachers need to be capable and comfortable managing all tech in the classroom, as well as integrate these resources into their lesson plans."
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The latest in Kiwi innovation: An interactive language learning app
Lingogo, the brainchild of three Kiwi women, is a new digital bookshop app filled with interactive, dual-language stories.
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Digital Transformation
From student tests to innovative learning: Top EdTech trends of today
"A growing number of educators are talking about how technology is able to free them up to holistically transform how they teach."
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New language education app helps kids with learning disabilities
A new app for language disorders is the first special education tool to be featured by Apple in the best new apps section of the App Store.