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ASX 100 company directors ill-equipped for cyber attacks
A UNSW Institute for Cyber study has demonstrated a significant skills gap around cyber security awareness and resilience among ASX 100 company directors.
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New book reveals massive flaws in Australian cybersecurity management
Cybercrime has been estimated to cost the Australian economy AUD$42 billion, according to a new book released by a UNSW cybersecurity expert.
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Dark web
The Dark Web: Not all as bad as it may seem - expert
While there is the perception that the dark web is mainly a hub for criminal activity, there are many other reasons why someone may use it.
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3D Printing
Scientists use 3D printer to print 'bone' with living cells
"This has the potential to radically change current practice, reducing patient suffering and ultimately saving lives."
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'They don't make things like they used to' - why devices aren't built to last
“People lament the fact that things aren’t repairable, and that things don’t seem to last as long as they used to, and they’re right."
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NSW to give cybersecurity SMEs R&D gift cards
SMEs in NSW can apply for a ‘cyber voucher’ which will connect them with cybersecurity research teams from one seven universities.
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Machine learning
Raiz Invest partners with UNSW to advance machine learning
“This is about entrepreneurs tapping into the top-notch research provided by our university sector."
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Network Infrastructure
UNSW partners with Adobe to transform its digital ecosystem
UNSW aims to boost its existing set of marketing, web, and media analytics tools.
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GTC18 - Data visualisation: where art and science meet
Tomasz Bednarz of the UNSW EPICentre explains how he and his team are advancing data analytics by bringing technology and design under the same roof.