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A day in the life: How Poly technologies support the flexible hybrid workforce

Thu, 11th Nov 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Today, you could be working from the office. Tomorrow, you could be working from home. Next week, you could receive a call while you're on the train, or in a cafe. Each of these environments requires high-quality and reliable products to ensure staff can collaborate, communicate and be productive, no matter what the task.

For this flexible hybrid worker, Bondi Beach frames the perfect start to the day - a walk, a coffee, breakfast, and the ability to work from her home office with the technologies she needs.

She relies on best-in-class audio and video technologies provided by Poly, an established and leading brand in communications and UC devices. Poly's range is beautifully designed and engineered to connect people working from home, on the go or in the office with incredible clarity.

To start the day, she fits her Poly Voyager Focus Bluetooth-enabled headset. This headset offers three levels of hybrid active-noise cancelling to block out unwanted background noise, and Poly's Acoustic Fence technology captures her voice without picking up background noise as well.

She says, “I love its crazy good stereo sound for calls, media and even music. Ultra-comfortable headband. I can use it all day with up to 19 hours of talk time.

At 8 am, it's time to head to the home office for the team meeting. The flexible worker needs professional audio and video equipment. Poly's P15 and Poly Lens work seamlessly together to provide exceptional optics and powerful audio.

“Automatic camera framing and cutting edge noiseblocking lets me move with confidence. The sleek bar is simple to set up and Poly Lens gives our IT team the tools to keep it all smooth and stress free.

At 10 am, it's time to head into the office.

“When I'm commuting to a job, I love having flexibility. It's also a great time for me to catch up on work, on emails, jump on calls... having the latest technology makes that super easy.

She needs something to block out the loud roar of the train, so she uses the Voyager Focus 2 headset to join calls.

“I love how it reduced the noise around me, this is next-level engineering.

While in the office, she ducks into the meeting room to continue her ongoing video call. She uses the Poly Studio X50, an all-in-one video bar with speaker tracking and smart gallery. It doesn't need a PC device, and there's no need for cables. With one touch of a button, she can easily move her current mobile call to the meeting room.

At 3 pm it's time for her next meeting in a larger conference room, joined by the entire team. In this room, she connects to the Poly Studio E70, which provides a one-touch join from system, automatic video framing, speaker tracking, smart gallery, and more. It also includes Poly Lens management software so IT managers can manage all devices smarter, and easier.  It's a video experience like no other.

“With one-touch join from Microsoft Teams Room system I have joined seamlessly,” she says.

“I love the E70's dual lenses with 20 megapixel 4K sensors and an AI driven camera. This is a completely unrivalled video experience. Automatic video framing, speaker tracking and smart gallery.

Once the meeting is over, she heads back to her office hotdesk, which is fitted with the P21 personal meeting display. This is a device that does it all - it has a display, camera, microphone, speakers, and its own lighting system. Its one-touch system lets her join calls on Zoom and Teams.

“This professional-grade display provides incredibly clarity and colour, and all I need to do is connect it via USB to my PC or Mac. I look and sound insanely good!

At 6 pm, she is back at home to get on with dinner. But work is not over yet - she grabs her Poly Sync 20 personal USB/Bluetooth smart speakerphone to listen in to a meeting. The device is slim and portable, with up to 20 hours of battery life. It's also Zoom certified and available in a Microsoft Teams-certified version.

“I then enjoy some great music to cap the day. Poly creates premium audio and video products so you can have your best meeting - anywhere, anytime, every time.

With Poly, you'll do more than just show up, you'll stand out.  You can make your hybrid work-life better too with the right tools and devices from Poly.

“My advice for a hybrid worker would just be to have the right technology to keep up with the ever changing industry and be competitive in this day and age to jump on calls, make sure you have no background noise, be able to hear everything clearly.

“I think it's incredibly important to stay up to date with everything in your industry. You need to be able to commute and be on the go and always be present and active in your job in your role. So I love my Bondi lifestyle.

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Poly creates premium audio and video products so you can have your best meeting -- anywhere, anytime, every time. Our headsets, video and audio-conferencing products, desk phones, analytics software and services are beautifully designed and engineered to connect people with incredible clarity. They're pro-grade, easy to use and work seamlessly with all the best video and audio conferencing services. With Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom), you'll do more than just show up, you'll stand out.

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