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Accenture solutions help companies promote diversity, inclusion and equity
Tue, 13th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Diversity, inclusion and equity are paramount to the success of any business. A company cannot function well without its staff, and as The Great Resignation continues to wreak havoc on industries, it is important that these three staples are a primary focus so staff can feel valued and accepted.

Research from experts at Accenture and other third-party sources has revealed some alarming statistics about employees' professional wellbeing and work attitude. Only 36% of employees surveyed felt they could be themselves, raise concerns and innovate without fear of failure. This was compared to 68% of leaders who felt they created empowering environments, signalling a significant mismatch in attitudes.

It was also revealed that only 40% of employees surveyed across all races believe their organisations have successfully implemented effective diversity and inclusion program initiatives. Workplaces have been proven to strive when they champion diversity, and the fact that many businesses are not making it a top priority is detrimental to growth and success.

Perhaps one of the most disappointing statistics in the research was that 39% of surveyed employees did not accept or pursue a job in a company due to a lack of inclusion that they perceived in the workplace. This deep-rooted issue shows the significant harm that is caused every day in workplaces across the globe, with businesses often missing out on crucial talent and expertise.

So what can be done to help businesses promote and implement diversity, inclusion and equity solutions?

Accenture is committed to helping enterprises embrace an ethical, sustainable business culture. They believe that with the right technology and assistance, organisations can enhance their people power and promote diversity, inclusion and equity for better all-round cohesion.

That's why they have created the Accenture Workplace Accountability Resource Experience (AWARE), first-of-its-kind human capital management (HCM) solution. This groundbreaking solution provides the data and tools to understand an enterprise's current workplace realities and then allows them to set achievable goals.

The solution is compatible with Oracle Cloud and other major HCM solutions, giving organisations opportunities to discover, compare and predict analytics for transparency and accountability across all HR data. AWARE can also provide a ​​diversity, inclusion and equity lens during the design of a cloud HCM system or a standalone assessment.


Organisations can discover what their business looks like in real-time by career level, job function, location, recruiting, compensation, attrition and more.


Businesses can gain a view of how they compare to others based on benchmarks by location, industry and public service organisations, and competitors relative to census data.


Comparative data trends can also help forecast when an organisation can expect to reach their diversity, inclusion and equity goals.

With Accenture's solution, it doesn't matter what stage of the journey a company is in. Whether a workplace is taking the first steps towards becoming more inclusive or in the middle of creating a better environment, the solution has the flexibility and adaptability to match. Accenture are also committed to providing hands-on support and assistance to help achieve an organisation's individual goals.

To drive impactful outcomes, Accenture says they aim to provide a strategic approach backed by an extensive technology transformation experience, suitable for a wide range of industries. With proven expertise in strategic business services, there's no better partner to help promote the future of diversity, inclusion and equity in the modern workplace.

Are you ready to take the next step in creating a better workplace? Click here to learn more about Accenture's AWARE solution.