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Accruent to acquire RedEye boosting cloud-enabled productivity solutions
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

Accruent, a globally recognised leader in workplace and asset management solutions, is set to acquire RedEye, an Australian company specialising in engineering document management, in a move to strengthen its cloud-enabled offerings and enhance business productivity.

The incorporation of RedEye into Accruent's engineering document management system (EDMS) portfolio, which also includes Meridian, provides customers with broader options for storing and accessing their documents. The acquisition will bolster Accruent's leadership role in the EDMS sector, bringing forth a versatile SaaS solution. This enables customers across various industries to manage their engineering documents, drawings, and media securely, regardless of whether they are on-premise or cloud-based.

RedEye offers a solution that expedites drawing discovery, leveraging advanced search capabilities, GIS, and QR codes for instant retrieval. The solution is ISO 27001 compliant, safeguarding intellectual property and data, and it provides robust API connectivity to seamlessly integrate documents across various business systems. Customers will have access to regional data hosting hubs designed to ensure compliance with privacy and security regulations relevant to their business.

The acquisition of RedEye's solutions will bring enhanced security for documentation to Accruent customers around the world. It is fully compliant with ISO 27001, a standard critical for industries where data security is a top priority. Industries that stand to benefit range from oil and gas to mining and pharmaceuticals. RedEye’s cloud-based option allows secure and convenient access to critical documents from any location, offering both on-site staff and mobile workers access to plans safely.

Accruent President, Bill Pollak, shared, "This acquisition underscores our commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions across our portfolio, with a continued investment in comprehensive solutions across the facility and asset workflow." He added, "RedEye's industry-focused, cloud-native solution, coupled with its strong customer satisfaction, aligns with our investment strategy and long-term objectives."

Specific sectors that will reap the benefits of this acquisition include manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, mining, and pharmaceutical, particularly in operating and maintaining complex facilities. By improving document management, companies will have greater capacity to meet compliance obligations and handle sensitive data critically.

The RedEye acquisition is yet another feather in the cap for Accruent, solidifying its status as a global leader in workplace and asset management solutions. By arming its clients with the tools to enhance document management and data security, Accruent is aiming to drive business productivity and offer more comprehensive solutions designed to cater to the ever-evolving demands of different industries.