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ACS unveils migration plan to tackle Australia's tech skill deficit
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

The Migration Strategy, recently unveiled by ACS, the professional body for Australia's tech sector, has been heralded as a significant leap towards modernising the skilled immigration system so as to address the country's deep-seated technology skills deficit.

According to ACS Chief Executive Chris Vein, the strategy aims to reconfigure permanent skilled migration to boost long-term prosperity while focussing on temporary skilled migration to bridge gaps in the workforce.

"The plans aim of reshaping permanent skilled migration to drive long-term prosperity while targeting temporary skilled migration to address workforce shortage areas reflect ASC's long-term position on the need to develop Australia's technology skills base," said Mr Vein.

In line with ACS's recommendations, the Migration Strategy will also introduce commitments to enact a Skills In Demand visa category and develop Specialist and Core Skills Pathways. These initiatives are expected to position Australia as a more appealing destination for international talent.

"Similarly, the commitments to develop a Skills In Demand visa category along with Specialist and Core Skills Pathways are welcome moves to make Australia a more attractive destination for global talent," said Mr Vein.

Other key facets of the new strategy include an overhaul of the Points Test, the imposition of more stringent requirements on international education providers, and the provision of enhanced support for foreign graduates. These measures are aimed at optimising outcomes for both migrants and students, an aspect that the ACS has voiced its strong support for.

Mr Vein continued, "The overhaul of the Points Test along with strengthened requirements on international education providers and better support for foreign graduates as improving the outcomes for migrants and students are measures ACS strongly support."

Mr Vein expressed ACS's keen interest in partnering with the government, the Department of Home Affairs, and Jobs and Skills Australia. He conveyed a forward-looking approach, stating their anticipation of collaborating to ensure that the migration system aligns with societal and broader needs. This indicates a commitment to working together for the effective development and alignment of migration policies with the requirements and priorities of the society at large.

"We look forward to working with the government, the Department of Home Affairs, and Jobs and Skills Australia to ensure the migration system meets the needs of society and wider society," Vein stated.

ACS represents over 47,000 technology professionals across a range of industries nationwide. Its member base includes individuals working in sectors such as industry, education, government, and community, responsible for delivering the digital services that drive the nation. The professional body also advocates for the growth of the technology sector while ensuring IT professionals conduct themselves ethically and in a manner favouring their employers and the community at large.

Through its network of branches in every state and Territory, innovation labs, education programs and our history of over fifty years, ACS works to help all Australians be part of the nation's highest growth sector.