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Adobe unveils new end-to-end enterprise solution GenStudio

Adobe has announced Adobe GenStudio, a new solution combining the best content ideation, creation, production and activation to revolutionise the enterprise content supply chain with the power of generative AI.

By connecting Adobe’s solutions across Creative Cloud, Firefly, Express and Experience Cloud, marketing and creative departments can now rapidly create and activate new and variant content with Firefly generative AI and Express in a simple-to-use interface that is connected to Enterprise data and supports real-time collaboration across the entire company. They can create enterprise content workflows and enable content re-use through a single enterprise portal via Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Creative Cloud. They can activate content through any channel and immediately gain insights into content performance through Adobe Experience Cloud.

“Generative AI has the potential to integrate high-velocity creative expression with complex enterprise activation to deliver a modern content supply chain that can meet the promise of personalisation at scale,” says Anil Chakravarthy, president of digital experience business at Adobe.

“Adobe GenStudio gives creative and marketing teams what they need to take full advantage of generative AI and transform the creative-to-activation process with a seamless solution.”

For brands worldwide, the typical content creation-to-activation cycle requires weeks and extensive manual handoffs to deliver a web page or marketing campaign. Creative and marketing teams go through lengthy processes of brief writing, creative ideation, collaboration and review, production, channel activation, content, re-versioning, analytics, and reporting.

GenStudio puts the power of generative AI, smart automation and agile editing into the Enterprise content supply chain, empowering teams to work in real-time to collaborate on creative ideas and decisions to deliver personalisation at scale. With Firefly integrations across Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud, Adobe is transforming the creative-to-activation process, turning ideation, edits and versioning cycles into minutes instead of hours and days.

Adobe is helping customers tell their stories and create personalised digital experiences. From Photoshop to AEM Sites, to AEM Assets, and Express to Workfront, Adobe is deeply invested in enhancing and optimising customers' digital content creation, distribution and engagement.

GenStudio unlocks the power of generative AI. Natively integrated, Firefly provides commercially safe content generation. Companies can rapidly move from ideation to content delivery across any channel, delivering better customer experiences. 

Adobe plans to include in the GenStudio commercial safety so that it leverages Firefly to enable businesses to generate content that is designed to be safe for commercial use.

Adobe is working with customers to enable them to customise models using their assets and brand-specific content. It includes access to Firefly APIs across various platforms to supercharge workflows and automation. It enables seamless connectivity for AI-generated content to critical editing, collaboration and activation services. It provides analytics to gain deep and instant insights into content performance across channels.

Digital content requirements have grown exponentially to meet digital marketing needs, product launches and campaign personalisation. As digital marketing becomes increasingly personalised and shifts to social platforms with entirely new digital experiences, winning Enterprises require tools that scale marketing workflows, empower new stakeholders and enable real-time content deployment. 

GenStudio offers organisations dramatic acceleration in speed and agility without compromising quality or brand consistency. Through Express integration with Experience Cloud, more people in an organisation are now empowered to quickly and efficiently meet rising content demands.

Experience designers and marketers such as campaign, website, social media, and product managers can create, edit, and version brand-approved assets for immediate personalisation. GenStudio puts agility in digital experience managers' hands while maintaining brand standards and overall governance.

As all organisations seek to optimise content creation, brands must reduce complexity across workflows to drive productivity and cost savings while measuring content impact. GenStudio changes the production economics at every step of the creative and activation process. Through the integration of Workfront, Firefly and Adobe Experience Manager, GenStudio accelerates and optimises a notoriously lengthy, cumbersome and expensive process without impacting business requirements. 

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