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Alteryx releases updates, empowers data insights for enterprise

Tue, 24th May 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Alteryx has released new advancements designed to aid enterprises with cloud analytics, democratise insights and ensure data governance. Announced at the annual Alteryx user conference Inspire, the new releases aim to simplify and modernise analytics, the company states.

IDC group vice president analytics and information management, Dan Vesset, says, "Democratisation of analytics is key to unlocking valuable insights in this rapidly changing business landscape, yet we have found fewer than 30% of knowledge workers have access to or are active users of analytics software beyond spreadsheets.

"To become a truly data-driven enterprise, businesses need to leverage analytics solutions that support ubiquitous connectivity to data, rich governance, and powerful, intuitive decision support capabilities."

Overall, Alteryx is focused on delivering intelligent data transformation and insights in the cloud at scale. Bolstered by its recent acquisition of Trifacta, Alteryx offers enhanced integrations with cloud data warehouses including Databricks, Snowflake and Google BigQuery.

The integrations support high-performance native pushdown capabilities, shortening the time to derive insights from big data sets from hours to minutes, the company states.

Alteryx chief product officer Suresh Vittal says, "With unmatched scale and flexibility, cloud analytics is key for the future of digital transformation. Coupled with our advanced capabilities in analytics automation and governance, Alteryx leads the way in empowering organisations to easily democratise data for every person, at every skill level.

"Our latest innovations enable businesses to become data-driven and overcome potential obstacles including data silos and talent scarcity."

New capabilities include:

  • Alteryx Designer has been updated for a modern look and feel with new tools, layout icons and fonts.
  • Alteryx Intelligence Suite includes capabilities for Text Mining and Computer Vision including barcode reader tool, part of speech tool, and key value pair tool. These tools allow any users to analyse unstructured data.
  • Alteryx Auto Insights now comes seamlessly integrated with Designer Desktop and Server.
  • Users can now automatically connect, configure and schedule Auto Insights from their workflows to gain AI-driven insights from their data.
  • Alteryx Machine learning offers substantial enhancements to predictive Time Series Modelling, including new functionality that allows for trending, seasonality and increased performance which enables any business user to build machine learning models.
  • Alteryx is starting Early Access for its Metric Store capability. The Metric store will allow enterprises to define standard key performance indicators that can be reused by anyone in the organisation.

As businesses democratise analytic automation, it's essential to support robust governance practices to protect data integrity.

New Alteryx governance capabilities include:

  • Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta, which brings together Alteryx Designers ease of use with the Trifacta cloud-native multi-tenant architecture, adds SSH tunnelling capabilities to enhance security in the cloud.
  • Alteryx now also officially supports persistent and non-persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments enabling enterprises to easily manage Alteryx in large scale virtualised environments.

Overall, Alteryx states these capabilities enable customers to embrace analytics automation and derive insights across the organisation.

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