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AspenTech's new software release puts greater emphasis on sustainability

Fri, 19th Nov 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Aspen Technology has announced the availability of the newest aspenONE V12 software release.

The release, V12.2, is designed to give companies new sustainability models and product capabilities that accelerate digitalisation efforts in support of their sustainability initiatives.

The aspenONE V12 solutions now include more than 50 models, including many that provide insight into where operational efficiencies can be improved upon in support of Scope 1 and 2 CO2 emission reduction targets, the company states.

Using these models, customers can identify how to reduce emissions across the entire value chain; reduce usage of energy, water and feedstocks; transition to new energy sources like biofuels and hydrogen; and enable the circular economy through processes such as plastics recycling and waste-to-chemicals, according to the company.

AspenTech senior vice president of product management David Arbeitel says, "Meeting CO2 emission reduction milestones in the quest to become carbon neutral requires companies to capture operational efficiencies by leveraging and deploying digital capabilities that deliver the insights needed to quickly and easily make adjustments to stay on track."

Arbeitel continues, "The new release also provides a wide range of usability enhancements across our product portfolio to deliver faster time-to-value and drive high value business outcomes."

According to Peter Reynolds, Principal Analyst, ARC Advisory Group, AspenTech's new release shows a commitment to innovation with new software to jumpstart customers sustainability programs.

Reynolds says, "By building sustainability into existing software and adding a multitude of new sample models, AspenTech is demonstrating industry leadership in helping customers address material recycling, emissions reduction, hydrogen, carbon capture, and bio-based feedstocks."

In addition to sustainability models, the new release includes a range of product enhancements and capabilities. According to the company, these are designed to provide intuitive usability, faster time-to-value and collaboration across the value chain.

The new updates include the following:

Aspen GDOTTM for Olefins: To optimise an entire olefins site with closed-loop dynamic optimisation that improves energy efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions and maximises profitability.

An flowsheet environment helps to simplify model building, deployment and maintenance and aligns planning with operations to optimise production.

Aspen Production Execution Manager (APEM): To execute work orders faster, achieve consistent, high product quality, and maintain regulatory compliance.

The new APEM Mobile web application provides mobility and an intuitive touchscreen experience that ensures efficient, accurate execution and high-speed performance with 5X faster optimised workflows.

Aspen Supply Chain Management (SCM) Insights: To collaborate cross-functionally with stakeholders across the supply chain, within one flexible environment, designed to digitally operationalise monthly Sales - Operations Planning (S-OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) processes to deliver high value business outcomes.

Aspen Unscrambler: To provide faster, more insightful analysis through new capabilities to preprocess and manipulate batch data, including significant speed improvements for faster analysis of big datasets.

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