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Aussie start-up's app makes it to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

By Julia Gabel, Tue 1 Aug 2017
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Northbridge Secure is an Australian start-up established in 2010 by a team of designers, developers and solutions architects.

The start-up aims to provide easy-to-use and affordable next generation remote access technology for SMEs around the world.

The company recently announced that its software application NetConnect is now a certified solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

What is the Azure Marketplace?

The Azure Marketplace is an online applications and services marketplace that enables developers and IT professionals to deliver their solutions to Azure customers.

The Marketplace offers 'test drives', allowing customers to try out pre-configured applications without having to create an Azure subscription. 

What is NetConnect? 

NetConnect aims to bring increased mobility to SMEs by making remote working inexpensive and simple.

According to Northbridge Secure, with NetConnect, all data and desktop applications instantly become cloud based and are securely available via an employee’s centrally managed, policy-based access control.

Users can access their desktop wherever they can access a web browser, claims Northbridge Secure.

Through a collaboration with Microsoft, NetConnect can be deployed as a preconfigured service allowing customers to install a separate virtual instance within their Azure environment.

The start-up says NetConnect’s presence on the Azure Marketplace makes it easy to deliver secure access to all servers and applications within Azure across all iOS, Android, Windows and Chromebook devices via an HTML5 interface.

NetConnect delivers all internal applications, regardless of type, legacy or otherwise, to a single workspace, integrating to a live infrastructure without migration.

“NetConnect completes the technical picture for Office 365 customers by enabling easy access from any device to legacy applications hosted on Microsoft Azure, integrating with additional services such as Active Directory and Multi-Factor Authentication to deliver seamless installation and administration” explains Xavier Simon, general manager of Northbridge Secure.

He says NetConnect is accessible via the Azure marketplace with licensing options to suit businesses of all sizes, including a 30-day trial licence.

Simon concludes, “in just a few clicks customers can easily empower staff to work from anywhere, simultaneously reducing overall CapEx, OpEx and IT burden.”

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