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Aussie workers eye AI for improved work relationships, says HP study
Wed, 6th Mar 2024

HP's 2023 Work Relationship Index indicates that Australian knowledge workers look forward to an enhanced understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their work relationships as they adapt to the evolving hybrid work model. The study suggests an urgent need to concentrate on upskilling initiatives, endorsed by 73% of business leaders and 64% of their workers.

The Index reveals that business leaders and IT decision-makers are acutely aware of AI's potential to improve work relationships. However, there seems to be a knowledge gap between IT decision-makers and employees when it comes to the appropriate use of AI and its potential benefits. To yield better work results and strengthen work relationships, businesses need to develop a robust communication strategy to ensure employees understand and appreciate the benefits of AI.

Only 22% of Australian knowledge workers believe they have a healthy relationship with work. However, 52% of them think AI has the potential to make their jobs more engaging and open up new work avenues. Business leaders have a crucial role in explaining to their employees the possibilities AI offers and effectively launching it.

The study highlighted that employees' expectations of their work relations have risen significantly, with 55% of Australian workers reporting increased expectations in the last three years. Business leaders and IT decision-makers are particularly aware of AI's potential to foster healthier work relationships. About 50% of knowledge workers and 71% of business leaders see AI as a tool to improve work-life balance. Employees believe that AI can streamline tasks and make their job easier.

Despite this, uncertainty remains on how to get the most out of AI, with 40% of respondents in Australia feeling unsure about when to use AI in the workplace. About 55% believe that senior leaders should understand how to harness AI to help them be more successful at work.

With 73% of business leaders and 64% of knowledge workers supporting adequate AI training, it's clear that organisations need to set upskilling initiatives as a priority to prepare their workforce to embrace AI technologies.

"In this evolving work landscape, the strategic integration of AI is a powerful force for business transformation. As leaders, we have a responsibility to lead the charge in navigating the AI landscape," stated Brad Pulford, Vice President and Managing Director of ANZ at HP. He further added that leaders need to educate their teams about the benefits of AI and illustrate how it can be seamlessly integrated into work processes to create an environment conducive to innovation.

These findings emerge from HP's Work Relationship Index, a comprehensive study examining employees' relationships with work around the world. The study surveyed over 15,600 respondents across 12 countries and provides key insights into the strained work relationship in today's global workforce and the potential of AI to alleviate this issue.