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Aussies reduce app usage due to subpar performance, AppDynamics study reveals
Wed, 22nd Nov 2023

Cisco AppDynamics has launched its 2023 App Attention Index, which reveals a societal trend of decreasing app usage and minimal tolerance for underperforming applications. This attenuation manifested with over half of Australians reducing the number of apps they use and 70% claiming to have deleted applications in the last year due to subpar performance.

The study surveyed 15,031 respondents across different nations, including 1,003 Australians, and delineated how 86% of Australians endured performance issues with apps in the last twelve months.

The most commonly reported frustrations include slow application speed, battery drain, frequent crashing, and login difficulties. The high incidence of these issues led 70% of Australian respondents to cease using or completely delete apps.

Another compelling facet of the report highlights the emergence of "The Application Generation", a demographic of individuals under 35. This tech-savvy generation, which on average uses 41 different apps each month compared to 30 for those aged 35 and above, is growing increasingly selective and demanding.

According to the study, 58% of Australians reported having higher digital expectations than a year ago, and more than half (54%) uninstalled more apps than they installed in the last year. This signifies a burgeoning fight for app creators to retain user attention.

Additional insights from the survey demonstrate that 63% of Australians are less forgiving of poor digital experiences than in previous years. A similar number (63%) preferred only high-quality apps and viewed these positive experiences as a standard compared to other apps.

Interestingly, 41% of Australians find apps offering vouchers most useful amidst economic challenges, followed by price comparison (38%) and budgeting or money management apps (37%). Half of the Australians surveyed feel that app performance issues indicate a lack of respect from the brands, reinforcing a global perspective of increased brand accountability.

Compared with the Cisco AppDynamics' 2021 App Attention Index data, the survey underlines the evolving but consistent consumer expectations about digital services, especially reliability, security, and user experience. The growth in digital experience expectations underscores the importance for brands to prioritise and continuously advance the quality of their digital products.

On a similar note, the global study revealed a rising consumer expectation for exceptional digital experiences, with a significant 62% of global consumers stating their expectations are far higher than they were two years ago. However, 88% of consumers faced performance issues using applications in the last year, with 64% stating they are less forgiving of subpar digital services. The dissatisfaction extends to feelings of disrespect, with 55% reporting feeling disrespected by brands failing to meet their digital experience expectations.

An interesting behavioural shift is observed among 'The Application Generation'. This group, aged between 18-34, uses applications more extensively across all aspects of their lives. On average, consumers under the age of 35 use 41 different apps each month. However, they are more discerning about app quality, with 77% being more mindful about the applications they install. Furthermore, 70% are more likely to share their dissatisfaction or warn others about underperforming apps, a trend which could impact brand perception significantly.

This study underscores the growing importance of high-functioning, superior app experience for brands to thrive and maintain their clientele in the digital age.