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Australia's ICT future is bright, finds Global Information Technology Report
Thu, 7th Jul 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The World Economic Forum's Global Information Technology Report has painted a rosy picture of Australia's ICT sector, placing it 18th out of 139 countries on the Networked Readiness Index.

The index, which is broken down into five subindexes and ten specific pillars, ranks Australia number one in internet and telephony competition but 101st in total tax rate and profits in the business innovation environment. Statistics from the report show Australia's highest and lowest rankings out of 139 countries within each sub-index and pillar.

The environment sub-index - overall ranking: 16/139

Pillar 1: Political and regulatory environment

Highest ranking (5/139): Software piracy rate, % software installed

Lowest ranking (29/139): Laws relating to ICTs

Pillar 2: Business and innovation environment

Highest rankings (6/139): Tertiary education gross enrolment rate and number of days to start a business

Lowest ranking (101/139): Total tax rate, % profits

Readiness sub-index - overall ranking: 10/139

Pillar 3: Infrastructure

Highest ranking (11/139): Electricity production, kWh/capita

Lowest ranking (67/139): Mobile network coverage, % of population

Pillar 4: Affordability

Highest ranking (1/139): Internet - telephone competition

Lowest ranking: (100/139): Fixed broadband internet tariffs, PPP $/month

Pillar 5: Skills

Highest ranking (3/139): Secondary education gross enrolment rate

Lowest ranking: (27/139): Quality of maths and science education

Usage sub-index - overall ranking: 22/139

Pillar 6: Individual usage

Highest ranking (10/139): Mobile broadband subscription/100 population

Lowest ranking: (43/139): Mobile phone subscriptions/100 population

Pillar 7: Business usage

Highest ranking (22/139): Firm-level technology absorption

Lowest ranking (26/139): ICT use for B2B transactions

Pillar 8: Government usage

Highest ranking (8/139): Government Online Service Index

Lowest ranking (55/139): Government success in ICT promotion

Impact sub-index - overall ranking: 21/139

Pillar 9: Economic impacts

Highest ranking (13/139): Knowledge-intensive jobs, % workforce

Lowest ranking (41/139): Impact of ICTs on business models

Pillar 10: Social impacts

Highest ranking (6/139): Internet access in schools

Lowest ranking (47/139): ICT use - government efficiency

Read the entire report here and the Australia-specific data here.