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Automation Anywhere makes significant step for global RPA

Fri, 11th Oct 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Automation Anywhere has launched its AI-backed RPA-as-a-Service digital workforce platform, that is entirely web based and cloud native.

The product, Enterprise A2019, is now available both on-premise and in any public, private or hybrid cloud, delivering RPA-as-a-Service to users. It is available in more than 14 languages and is designed to aid in RPA adoption.

According to a statement from the company, the Automation Anywhere flagship platform now includes more than 175 new features across 40 different product capabilities around business automation. It also incorporates feedback from more than 3,000 customers as well as thousands of hours of research and development to aid in the advancement of automation for business.

Automation Anywhere CEO and cofounder Mihir Shukla says, “As technologies evolve, they reach an inflection point and to go further you must make important meaningful departures from what everyone else is doing.

“Enterprise A2019 is that dramatic departure, with a refreshing, instant-on user experience that eliminates the friction many companies still experience in building, deploying and scaling bots. Users can now log on to the platform from any web browser, dramatically increasing the speed of deploying RPA while decreasing the time in which companies derive compelling business value,” says Shukla.

The Enterprise A2019 platform offers enterprises capabilities including:

Instant-on: Using a web browser, users can log in and build their first bots without installations, configurations or maintenance. The RPA platform enables users to create software bots on any operating system, Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, and on any device.

Cloud-native: Enterprise A2019 is a cloud-native platform that offers customers both RPA-as-a-Service from the cloud, as well as an on-premise deployment with data privacy, security and encryption in each.

Artificial intelligence (AI): Users now have the ability to leverage built-in AI capabilities and integrate third-party AI solutions, such as computer vision, natural language processing and predictive modelling with the drag-and-drop AI into any automation workflow.

New Attended Automation 2.0: Users now have access to new automation technology for automation of front office processes.

Everest Group executive vice president and analyst Sarah Burnett says, ‘“Many enterprises today are recognising the benefits of automation and are currently in the midst of understanding the best strategies for optimal implementation.

“With features such as a function-specific user experience, availability on multiple clouds, RPA-as-a-Service, and built-in AI capabilities, this new release from Automation Anywhere could simplify automation and reduce its cost of ownership. These types of developments will increase the market for automation, bringing it within the reach of more enterprises with different budgets and tech skills,” says Burnett.

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