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Avanade's Green IT Enabler to supercharge sustainability

Tue, 20th Jun 2023

Avanade launches Avanade Green IT Enabler, a sustainability service that helps organisations automate monitoring and reduce their carbon impact.

Avande Trendlines research reveals that 65% of organisations prioritise energy and resource reduction in their cloud, network and devices within the next 12 to 18 months. In response, the arrival of Avande Green IT Enabler is hoped to be a game changer for the industry. 

By augmenting the power of Avanade's existing Sustainability Technology Accelerator and Sustainability Quick-Start services, the new service empowers organisations to embed sustainability and resource awareness into their technology development and optimisation processes. 

Recent reports from the World Economic Forum reveal that data centres alone have a larger carbon footprint (2.5%) than the aviation industry (2.1%). 

Moreover, according to research cited in the latest findings from the Green Software Foundation's State of Green Software report, software on its own will account for 14% of the world's carbon footprint by 2040.

Acknowledging this pressing challenge, Avanade's Green IT Enabler confronts the issue, empowering organisations to take tangible steps in reducing resource consumption and championing sustainability throughout their technological ecosystems.

Avanade's research further uncovered that only 30% of respondents currently implement green software principles, demonstrating room for improvement. 

Avanade Green IT Enabler is designed to optimise physical resources and reduce electricity needs, enabling businesses to impact their sustainability goals substantially.

Jillian Moore, Global Head of Advisory and Executive Sponsor for Sustainability at Avanade, says: "At Avanade, we firmly believe in embedding sustainability in all that we do. By aligning sustainability ambitions with organisational goals, we unlock greater business value and operational efficiencies."

"Avanade Green IT Enabler allows organisations to continuously optimise their technologies, devices, and processes, enabling them to utilise fewer resources and build a level of transparency and trust through ethical and sustainable use of technology." 

"This transforms sustainability from a separate cost-centre into an integral part of their operations," says Moore.

Avanade's Green IT Enabler includes a carbon accounting tool that empowers organisations to track and assess their sustainability progress. 

Integrating with various IT systems, this tool identifies carbon-inefficient systems and optimises them through actions such as code rewriting and training software developers in green software engineering practices. 

The company's ultimate objective is to achieve resource efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, paving the way for a greener future.

Bhavya Kapoor, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Avanade, says: "Southeast Asia has reached a critical point in its sustainability journey, with governments and the private sector making their sustainability goals public and taking steps towards achieving them." 

"Organisations are more conscious than ever about minimising their carbon footprint, yet converting green ambition into action remains a challenge for many."

"Our Avanade Green IT Enabler offers a transformative opportunity for these organisations to take a meaningful first step in realising their sustainability goals. 

"It enables them to track, understand, and manage their carbon footprint, providing a robust foundation for future sustainability initiatives. This positions them strongly to capitalise on the region's thriving green economy," says Kapoor.

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