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Beroe partners with PRISM for integrated geopolitical risk analysis
Thu, 14th Mar 2024

Beroe, a provider of procurement intelligence, has announced an intriguing partnership with PRISM, a global geopolitical and macro risk advisory service. As a result of this cooperation, Beroe's clients will gain from integrated alerts, insights, and reports produced by PRISM's political risk experts, delivered to Beroe's AI-Powered Procurement Intelligence Platform, LiVE.Ai.

In light of the growing and ongoing geopolitical instability, this alliance will empower businesses with global supply chains to proactively identify and prepare for supply chain risks and disruptions before they affect their operations. For this purpose, PRISM provides a comprehensive perspective of geopolitical and economic factors to Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), and other senior leaders and their teams.

All Beroe LiVE.Ai users will immediately have top-level access to PRISM insights, with the possibility to purchase more in-depth analysis. The integration is expected to facilitate quicker, well-informed procurement decisions by combining a macro view of global risks with detailed category-specific procurement intelligence.

Valekumar Krishnan, Chief Content Officer at Beroe, commented on the development, stating, "Over the past few years, we have witnessed a large number of highly disruptive worldwide events, unparalleled in the modern era not only for their scale but also the impact on global businesses."

"While procurement teams have had to react today to risks and disruptions to international supply chains, CPOs are having to make strategic decisions for tomorrow against a backdrop of near-constant flux. Access to timely, accurate, and insightful intelligence is critical to successfully planning and building a resilient supply chain."

"By integrating PRISM's research and analysis into our AI-powered procurement intelligence platform, we are providing our customers with access to the most comprehensive suite of the best possible data and insights to run their businesses," said Valekumar Krishnan. 

PRISM is the world’s first macro risk advisory firm dedicated to tackling the geopolitical challenges facing supply chain and procurement leaders. PRISM's insights on global risks, such as geopolitics, domestic politics, economic shifts, and environmental and social governance (ESG), will complement Beroe's existing data and information sources.

Moreover, this amalgamation of intelligence could help C-level executives and procurement specialists to make strategic decisions surrounding major global events that are likely to influence production, supply chain, and distribution.

According to Johan Gott, Co-founder of PRISM, "Geopolitics and economic uncertainty are the biggest causes of risk to supply chains today. A solution for macro risk tracking is imperative for companies operating on a global scale to be ready for the next major disruption."

"By integrating our intelligence-led and supply-chain focused macro expertise into Beroe's market-leading solution we are providing Chief Procurement Officers and their teams of specialists with the full package of insights to help mitigate risk, manage suppliers and ultimately maximize business returns," said Johan Gott.