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Blue Prism Desktop uses IA to defend against vulnerabilities

Growing concerns regarding internal governance have highlighted the need for more intelligent automation controls when automating desktop tasks, according to SS-C with Blue Prism.

Unmanaged desktop automation has increased throughout industries, posing critical risks as well as regulatory and reputational liabilities. To combat this, SS-C has launched SS-C Blue Prism Desktop (Blue Prism Desktop) to help protect businesses against vulnerabilities, using a combination of security measures and intelligent automation (IA) technology.

According to the company, in workplaces of today, enterprises rely on desktop automation solutions to streamline tasks that are high-volume, time-consuming and often data-sensitive. However, many of these tasks still require human interaction, presenting governance and security risks.

To help safeguard businesses against these operational vulnerabilities without compromising on the benefits of IA, SS-C has launched Blue Prism Desktop.

The solution affords businesses centralised control over their desktop automation processes with automation software and governance promoting features.

In doing so, SS-C Blue Prism is aiming to enable organisations to take advantage of the benefits of desktop automation by offering a solution to risk-averse enterprises.

With traditional desktop automation solutions, risks arise from the inherent human interaction involved, including during logins, task initiation and the use of user-specific applications. These conventional solutions are complex and minimally scalable, the company states.

This lack of robustness not only prevents desktop automation from being utilised across the organisation but also compromises the products longevity, requiring additional investment by the organisation to maintain it. Additionally, the fundamental lack of control associated with conventional desktop automation solutions often causes a high total cost of ownership (TCO).

According to the company, Blue Prism Desktop is designed to enable organisations to scale their desktop automation processes in a way that is not machine-intensive, ensuring improved security and compliance while facilitating higher output. This is accomplished through a user-friendly interface and centrally governed platform that offers complete visibility and control over desktop processes.

Further, SS-C Blue Prism partners with different security technologies around the world to make sure organisations comply with various IT and security standards and regional regulatory guidelines, the company states.

More specifically, security features include strict user access controls, multi-level change approvals, and intelligent automation software that automatically logs every action taken in order to create trusted audit trails for complete transparency.

SS-C Blue Prism SVP product Danny Major comments on the release. He says, "Enterprises need reliable automation solutions that can securely address tasks and use cases across the entire business.

"Blue Prism Desktop will enable organisations to capitalise on the full potential of desktop automation without compromising on governance or compliance. Our centrally developed and validated processes will give organisations the peace of mind and confidence they need to operate at their full capacity and potential."

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