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Bluestonex enhances Maextro for revolutionary data governance and management
Mon, 23rd Oct 2023

Bluestonex, a leading SAP software and services firm, unveiled enhanced capabilities for Maextro, it's innovative data governance and management solution. The upgraded features come as a game-changer, providing a fresh, modern, and intuitive interface that will revolutionise businesses' data governance and management.

The latest enhancements to Maextro are aimed at unlocking businesses' true value from their master data management tools. With the enhancements, businesses can leverage their existing SAP operational activities more effectively. Since Maextro's initial launch, it has been an integral component in the core ERP system, aiding businesses in efficiently managing data in response to rising demands for quality, integration, governance, and workflow.

Also, it provides a robust solution that simplifies data processes, optimising data usage for operational excellence and strategic planning. The latest version of Maextro, however, offers so much more. Described as having a 'fresh, modern, intuitive design,' the interface is now more user-friendly than ever before, enabling businesses to adapt the interface to their specific needs.

The upgraded system delivers powerful graphical insights that streamline the reporting and data processing process. These range from basic metrics, such as open vs. closed requests, to more in-depth data, like overdue task tracking, interface error analysis, and rejection trend identification. These improve user adoption, leading to a more efficient data governance and management process for businesses.

"We are excited to introduce these new capabilities to Maextro, which will empower our clients to leverage existing SAP operational activities more effectively and ultimately make better and more informed data-driven decisions. Data quality and data processing have never looked so good," said Dan Barton, COO and co-founder at Bluestonex.

As demands for data and MDM continue to increase, businesses require streamlined, automated processes that integrate seamlessly into their daily operations. The improvements to Maextro fully respond to these needs, enabling businesses to adapt more easily to the ever-evolving data landscape. The new design allows users to build personalised experiences and gain deeper insights through clear, actionable reporting, marking a significant step forward in meeting businesses' data governance and management needs.