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BMD chooses Rubrik to make transition to digital data backup

BMD, the engineering design, construction and land development contractor based in Australia, has chosen Rubrik to transition the company from a tape-based backup system to a digital data setup.

Through working with Rubrik, the company has realised key benefits including point in time accuracy and legal improvements.

BMD has effectively automated its backups and eliminated manual tape-based storage, accelerating its transition to hybrid cloud and giving time back to its IT team for more strategic projects.

BMD technical systems engineer James Cuneo says, “Our previous tape library presented a number of challenges for our team. We needed a new system to allow us to think and act more strategically on our data.”

BMD worked directly with Rubrik to replace the legacy tape system with its Radar, Polaris, Live Mount and Edge services.

Data is now backed up digitally and automatically at a rate of around six gigabits per second, reducing the manual six-to-seven-hour process to now less than an hour.

Cuneo says that while the productivity gains have been significant, BMD’s ability to identify exact point-in-time changes in data have had unexpected benefits across the business.

He says, “We had a timely matter where we needed to identify the exact time a transaction was made. Rubrik’s Live Mount was able to load 1,000 previous versions of our CRM software to see the split second it went through.”

Rubrik has also helped BMD automate business processes such as invoice management. The software automatically reviews invoices as they’re backed up and raises alerts for anything suspicious.

It correctly did this for a unique billing arrangement, and as BMD’s IT team began waving those alerts, the machine-learning system stopped the notifications automatically.

Further, the cloud-native nature of the environment has helped accelerate the company’s transition to hybrid cloud, the company states.

In total, the Rubrik environment is now protecting the data of 272 virtual machines (VMs), 871 SQL databases, 1,185 applications and workloads, 1,087 Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes, and seven remote sites across Australia.

Cuneo commented on the top benefits of the transition to Rubrik’s systems.

On time savings he says, “With a proper data management strategy in place, we have been able to dedicate more time to valuable, strategic IT projects.”

He also highlights the power of the point-in-time data recovery, saying “We don’t have a full test environment, so we need room for trial and error. Rubrik enables us to come back to any point in time and start over.”

On automating and securing data, Cuneo says, “Our jobs can last anywhere from one day to five years, which means different data and backup requirements are required. Rubrik automates that entire process and keeps all of our data and workloads secure.”

Finally, when it comes to the company’s hybrid cloud transition, Cuneo says, “Rubrik has simplified our transition to hybrid cloud. We see it as vital to stay ahead of the curve in our industry, and all signs are pointing to the cloud.”

Rubrik managing director Australia and New Zealand Jamie Humphrey says, “Businesses are taking on data at a much higher rate now, much of which is being created and stored off-site as businesses operate between the office and remotely.

“BMD is a perfect example of a company that has regained control of its data, at a time when its technology resources are needed more than ever. This will empower the company to focus on its core business - building and developing the infrastructure our nation relies on and supporting local communities through job creation.”

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