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Bonzai launches innovative mobile ad format 'BrandStory' in Australasia
Tue, 28th Nov 2023

Bonzai, a premier creative technology platform trusted by top publishers, agencies, and advertisers in Australia and New Zealand, has announced the launch of BrandStory.

This pioneering mobile ad format triples the ad space and offers 2.8 times more time in view than single-scroll ad formats. The product aims to cater to the escalating global demand for additional ad space to drive meaningful results, adeptly integrating awareness, exploration, and action into one comprehensive solution.

With the rapidly burgeoning number of smartphone users worldwide anticipated to exceed 5.1 billion by 2028 and mobile internet traffic accounting for roughly 60% of total web traffic, Bonzai identified an opportunity for a more spacious, premium mobile ad format.

The design purpose was not only to lengthen the in-ad experience by providing a seamless, scrolling user experience but also to amplify brand awareness and convey additional product information in an unintrusive, influential manner.

Following years of industry insight, "BrandStory" has been actualised. The product offers an easy-to-build, zero-code solution primed to be launched across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. The product necessitates no integration for current customers and presents a multitude of advantages for both advertisers and publishers:

For advertisers, BrandStory increases their ad canvas area, allowing them to create more comprehensive and impactful ad campaigns. It also enables advertisers to flawlessly integrate awareness, exploration and action into a single ad format and ensures a 2X higher engagement rate than traditional scrolling formats.

With a remarkable 90% viewability rate, BrandStory guarantees that advertisers' messages attain their intended audience, optimising the efficacy of their campaigns. It gives advertisers a competitive edge in the market.

On the publisher front, collaborating with Bonzai and adopting BrandStory ushers in potential new revenue streams. Its high-yield product attracts advertisers, leading to boosted revenues for publishers. BrandStory's validity is supported by solid in-view metrics, equipping publishers with critical data to showcase the value of their advertising space. Moreover, the ease of integration for existing customers makes BrandStory a seamless addition to the publisher's offerings. 

Rahul Pandey, Founder and CEO of Bonzai, affirmed: "BrandStory embodies our dedication towards pushing creativity and innovation boundaries in the advertising industry."

"Recognising the skyrocketing expansion of mobile internet users worldwide, we identified a need for a high-grade mobile ad format that provides brands ample room to effectively captivate their audience. BrandStory is our response to this need."

"We're eager to facilitate both advertisers and publishers with this distinct, no-code solution that unearths new opportunities and revenue streams. BrandStory establishes a new industry standard, and we're excited to roll it out across APAC, empowering brands to engage with their audiences as never before."

Bonzai, headquartered in Singapore, has been securing significant strides across the Asia Pacific, servicing thousands of advertisers with its products and counting nearly every major publisher across the region. Brands ranging from Westfield to Mercedes-Benz to even small regional businesses are leveraging Bonzai's solutions to become more productive and agile in generating creative content and gaining customers with relevant digital marketing.