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BrangChain aims to make supply chains green with latest launch
Fri, 13th Oct 2023

BrangChain has unveiled its latest solution to transform last-mile logistics while prioritising environmental sustainability.

With a commitment to preserving our planet for future generations, it aims to revolutionise the way goods are delivered and create a greener, more efficient supply chain.

The last-mile delivery process, known for its challenges, is often plagued by inefficiencies and carbon emissions, negatively impacting the environment.

BrangChain has recognised this pressing issue and developed an innovative platform that leverages blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts to streamline logistics operations while minimising the ecological footprint.

The company has been nominated by BlockChain Australia community for "Start-up / Scaleup of the Year", stating, "We take immense pride in this and strive hard to make it count where it matters the most."

By harnessing the power of blockchain, It offers a transparent and secure platform that connects various stakeholders involved in the last-mile delivery ecosystem.

This includes manufacturers, distributors, transportation companies, and end customers. The decentralised nature of the platform ensures real-time tracking, traceability, and accountability at every stage of the delivery process, significantly reducing the risk of fraud, theft, and operational errors.

With the integration of artificial intelligence, BrangChain optimises route planning and load consolidation, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The platform intelligently analyses data from multiple sources, such as traffic conditions, weather forecasts, and historical patterns, to provide the most efficient delivery routes, minimising delivery times and costs.

Furthermore, BrangChain's smart contracts enable automated and secure transactions, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing administrative overhead.

This not only streamlines the logistics process but also ensures fair and timely payments for all participants, fostering trust and fostering positive relationships within the ecosystem.

Madhup Mudiraj, CEO of BrangChain, says, "We are thrilled to introduce BrangChain, a game-changer in the last-mile logistics sector."

"Our vision is to reshape the industry by embracing technological advancements while prioritising sustainability. By integrating blockchain, AI, and smart contracts, we are confident that we can drive positive change, reduce environmental impact, and enhance overall efficiency."

BrangChain has already garnered significant interest from major players in the logistics industry, as well as environmental organisations seeking to promote sustainable practices. The company aims to collaborate with partners across the globe to implement its innovative solution and work towards a greener, more responsible future.

BrangChain is focused on offering simple, secure, and affordable on-demand delivery solutions. The company provides reliable and convenient delivery services with user experience as a priority.