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Brisbane's Plotlogic crowned Cleantech Asia-Pacific Company of the Year
Wed, 24th Jan 2024

The Brisbane-based mining tech company, Plotlogic, has received the prestigious Company of the Year award for the Asia-Pacific region from the Cleantech Group. This accolade is in recognition of Plotlogic's significant strides in championing sustainable innovation in the mining tech sector. The announcement was made as part of the unveiling of the 2024 Global Cleantech 100, which showcases the world's most innovative and promising companies propelling the globe towards net-zero targets.

Plotlogic's flagship product, OreSense, has observed a considerable uptick in its adoption predominantly due to mounting pressure on the mining industry to furnish crucial minerals essential for the progress of clean energy. This responsibility falls on the industry's shoulders to deliver these minerals while avoiding the repetition of past environmental damage.

Additionally, with the recent stringent price squeeze on key critical minerals such as lithium and nickel, OreSense has proved to be transformative by enabling miners to operate in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. This is paramount in an industry where efficiency directly impacts the bottom line and cost-effectiveness can lead to sustainability and longer operational life for mining projects.

Several major mining companies have integrated Plotlogic's deep-tech platform into their operations. These include globally recognised names such as BHP, South32, Pilbara Minerals, a renowned lithium producer, and Stargate, one of Indonesia's largest nickel mining enterprises. Their commitment to Plotlogic's platform reinforces the ground-breaking work undertaken by the Australian company in the mining tech sector.

Dr Andrew Job, the founder and CEO of Plotlogic, has been the visionary leading his company's charge in revolutionising the mining industry. His innovative approach and dedication to sustainability have been instrumental in Plotlogic's recent accolade from the Cleantech Group. This award not only highlights the company's commitment to sustainable practices but also recognises their innovative technologies in a global platform, namely the Global Cleantech 100. However, it is evident that for Dr Job and the team at Plotlogic, this is only the beginning. The recognition serves as motivation for driving the genesis of further innovative solutions for a more sustainable and efficient mining industry.

This breakthrough achievement underscores the pivotal role played by mining tech companies like Plotlogic in the global push towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Their work is proving to be a torchbearer for other companies in the industry to follow, creating a blueprint for success through innovation, efficiency and a higher commitment to sustainability. As demand for these key minerals continues to grow, the role of companies like Plotlogic in ensuring the responsible extraction and use of these resources becomes even more crucial.