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Cellebrite brings greater online learning to law enforcement

Cellebrite, the digital intelligence solutions provider for public and private sectors, has extended its online learning capacity for digital forensics professionals facing travel restrictions.

As of this week, the company announced it is increasing its live online and on-demand training options for law enforcement and enterprise digital forensics professionals.

In a statement Cellebrite stated the company is committed to providing ongoing interactive learning despite current travel restrictions and social distancing measures.

With the current health risks surrounding the COVID-19, Cellebrite is carrying on its commitment to accessible training as needed by moving instruction to virtual classrooms with the intention of better securing the health of customers and trainers.

In order to reflect this commitment, Cellebrite has removed the barrier of requiring active product licenses to participate in their Virtual Live Online classes and those that sign up will be provided with the technology they need to successfully complete the courses, the company states.

According to Cellebrite, the role of digital data in investigations is growing quickly, up 82% in just a few years. To meet the demands of this changing landscape, law enforcement needs to be trained on the latest innovations to most effectively leverage digital intelligence in each stage of an investigation.

As an advisor to customers in more than 150 countries around the world, Cellebrite offers training and certification opportunities to empower organisations and agencies with the tools and skills needed to secure business operations in this digitally connected world.

Cellebrite SVP of global training Buddy Tidwell says, “Cellebrite recognises investigations do not stop no matter how challenging the environment.

“For this reason, Cellebrite's premier training for forensic examiners, analysts, investigators and prosecutors is now available online on-demand and instructor-led with increased capacity and a simplified path to certification upon course completion."

Classes immediately available include CCO CCPA: Cellebrite Certified Operator / Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst, CASA: Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone Analysis Cellebrite, AE: Analytics Enterprise Cellebrite, and AD: Analytics Desktop.

Courses coming soon include CMFF: Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals, CCME: Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner, CDFL: Cellebrite Digital Forensics for Legal Professional Cellebrite Cloud Extraction and Reporting for Cloud Investigator, CEFA: Python in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer Training, and Cellebrite Advanced Analysis for SQLITE Examiner.

Virtual Live Online Courses are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Polish with other languages to follow. Custom online training programs for departments and organisations are also available upon request, Cellebrite states.

Furthermore, several free online training segments will be available for forensic specialists to build professional skills and support continued learning.

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