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Check Point unveils 2024 Security Report, highlighting AI's role in cybersecurity
Thu, 22nd Feb 2024

Check Point Software Technologies, a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cybersecurity platform provider has announced the launch of its comprehensive 2024 annual Security Report. The report focuses on the increasing complexity of cyber threats with a pointed examination of the surge in ransomware incidents and the innovative use of AI in cybersecurity defences.

The report reveals a 90% increase in publicly extorted victims of ransomware attacks from the previous year, now accounting for 10% of all malware detected by Check Point sensors. Notably, the Check Point Incident Response Team (CPIRT) found that nearly half of the cases they handled involved ransomware, with the number of publicly shamed victims soaring to approximately 5,000, doubling from the previous year.

The report's findings include the acknowledgement of the refinement of attackers' strategies by leveraging zero-day vulnerabilities and enhancing Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) with new extortion tactics. Particularly, high-value targets are increasingly coming into the crosshairs, highlighting the need for solid defence systems.

The document also focuses on a burgeoning trend in attacks on edge devices, drawing attention to the critical necessity for comprehensive security measures that include all network elements. Furthermore, it discusses the rise in state-supported hacktivism, with significant increases in cyber activities tied to geopolitical conflicts, signalling the evolving nature of cyber warfare.

Maya Horowitz, VP of Research at Check Point, explained, "In an era of relentless innovation in cybercrime and accumulating tensions involving nation-state threat actors and hacktivists globally, organisations must adapt. Investing in stronger defences, such as robust AI-powered and cloud-delivered cybersecurity measures and proactively fostering collaboration, is key to effectively safeguarding against these evolving dangers."

The 2024 Security Report acts as an indispensable resource for organisations, policymakers, and cybersecurity professionals, offering crucial insights into attack trends and providing guidance to enhance cyber resilience. This report is based on data drawn from the Check Point ThreatCloud AI Cyber-Threat Map, sharing critical knowledge on the key tactics cybercriminals are employing in their attacks.

Check Point Research provides cyber threat intelligence to Check Point Software customers and the greater intelligence community. The research team collects and analyses global cyber-attack data stored on ThreatCloud AI to keep hackers at bay, while ensuring all Check Point products are updated with the latest protections. The research team consists of over 100 analysts and researchers cooperating with other security vendors, law enforcement and various CERTs.