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Cisco launches Motific to expedite & secure GenAI deployment
Thu, 15th Feb 2024

Cisco has announced the launch of Motific, its pioneering SaaS solution that will enhance the ease and safety of generative AI (GenAI) deployments. This new offering ushers in a fundamental shift in GenAI adoption, reducing project timelines from months to mere days, substantially diminishing GenAI related risks, and offering deep visibility and insights into operational and business metrics.

Motific is designed to accelerate the deployment of AI-powered technology, a priority that has reportedly increased for 97% of companies with the explosion of GenAI applications. However, the challenge remains to ensure that AI deployed is based on trustworthy, use-case specific data that aligns with organisational policies. Through Motific, companies can better customise their GenAI applications to their unique requirements rather than relying on broad use frameworks.

Customising GenAI can be a long and complex process, often involving hiring of specialist talent to manage it properly. The model and vendor agnostic Motific aims to alleviate such hurdles by supporting all stages of GenAI deployment, from assessment and experimentation to production. With Motific, customers can deploy GenAI rapidly and cost-effectively, integrating organizationally specific data sources, ensuring compliance controls, and overseeing resource allocation.

Providing a platform for reduced risk and continual compliance, Motific offers a toolkit of built-in policy controls. Companies can customise these to suit their specific needs within a matter of days, allowing automations to manage sensitive data, security protocols, and issues of trust. Enterprises can leverage its controls for security, sensitive data, and trustworthiness, allowing accurate detection and mitigation of potential risks or issues between user inputs and Large Language Model responses.

Motific also assists organizations in tracking their return on investment (ROI) and business insights while optimizing costs. By monitoring all user requests and usage behaviour, it provides a clear view of operational costs and potential savings areas. The product also works to deter 'shadow AI' usage within enterprises, ensuring that GenAI capabilities are used in a sanctioned, compliant manner.

"Cisco is rapidly accelerating its product offerings for customers in the Generative AI space to meet the growing artificial intelligence and security compliance demands of enterprises," said Vijoy Pandey, Senior Vice President, Outshift by Cisco. "Motific accelerates the time to value an enterprise organization spends on GenAI usage and deployment by mitigating the risk up-front and enabling teams to innovate faster."

Motific's preview will be available at Cisco Live EMEAR and its official release will take place by June 2024. The solution was born from Outshift, Cisco's internal incubation engine.