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Cloud print as an enabler for future digital transformation

The traditional workplace is no longer defined by the brick and mortar of office buildings. 

We need only to look at the research for validation that the hybrid work world is here to stay. Quocirca’s latest global research shows that more than two thirds of employees want to work from home as the permanency of the hybrid workplace era sets in and 2023 approaches. 

The Australian Productivity Commission Working from Home research paper estimates that over the course of the pandemic we went from less than 8% of Australians working from home to 40%. And in New Zealand, the Remote Working during COVID19 New Zealand National Survey analysis from Work Futures Otago showed that 38% of people had never worked from home prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, but more than 9 in 10 people had to adapt to working remotely during lockdowns. 

As we emerge from an almost three-year-long pandemic journey, the cloud remains crucial in the digitisation of companies, as decentralised work models become the new norm. 

With cloud services proving to support the digital transformation of business and facilitate a more innovative and dynamic way of working in the last few years especially, technology decision makers are looking to understand what’s next.

How can cloud services continue to maintain and build the functionality, flexibility and security that companies will need in 2023?

The cloud as a key player 

Ultimately the foundation for this transition is the hybrid cloud. To survive and thrive in the evolving working world, resellers must keep up with customer demands and keep pace with organisational needs to remain competitive. 

A crucial player in enabling this connection between hybrid work landscapes and digital transformation lies within cloud-based managed print services. Utilising these services provides a more efficient and affordable path to office and print management – offering improved speed, security, scalability and remote functionality. 

Enabling organisations to update and tackle security measures as well as share and deliver out to devices securely is now crucial. With Quocirca data showing that 37% of organisations believing digitisation is now very important, rising to 43% by 2025, this creates opportunities for channel partners who can deliver dedicated cloud print services and stay in step.

Remote location management and adaptability 

Once a costly and resource-intensive effort, managing and servicing print solutions within the home no longer presents the difficulties it once did. Through cloud-based print services, companies are granted greater functionality and accessibility regardless of employee location.  

The ability to manage technologies and print services remotely remains critical as we look to 2023. With more sophisticated cloud platforms, a larger variety of services can be delivered remotely, without technicians being physically on-site. 

Ensuring security and scalability

Scalable cloud-based offerings bring multiple business benefits, including improved security, flexibility and mobility. 

After a tumultuous few years, 2023 will be a year for stabilisation. It will see the continued growth and progression of the hybrid cloud, with the wider adoption of cloud  applications driving momentum for secure cloud print services. The change is already happening; according to Quocirca 72% of end customers plan to increase their use of cloud print management in the next two years, yet only 26% are completely confident in the security of print infrastructure for the hybrid workplace. Both these findings demonstrate opportunity for channel partners who wish to engage a cloud-first approach.

Organisations should be looking for cloud print services that enable their organisation to provide reliable and secure systems that lessen the load on IT and improve efficiency.

Smart solutions

As cloud connected services become indispensable, low cost, efficient solutions that blend resources will be highly sought after. Lexmark’s Cloud Print Management and Cloud Scan Management are two solutions that enable faster, more secure cloud-based printing and the ability to scan and share files directly.

With cloud services from a trusted printing partner, you can help your customers bring a full suite of print-optimising capabilities to any print environment, from small companies to large enterprises. Cloud equipped printers—after a one-time setup— can be managed from anywhere in the world without the need to go on site or even be on the same local network. When you connect your customer to the cloud, you help them modify printing habits, better and more securely manage assets, and reduce costs and waste.

Moving forward in 2023

The future is a hybrid one, and channel partners, resellers and technology decision makers must jump on board with hybrid cloud infrastructure to accelerate business transformation and ensure functionality and security as the new working landscape takes hold.

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