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Colt extends SD-WAN offering for customers moving to cloud

Colt has launched a multi-cloud access for enterprises using its SD WAN platform. This enables enterprises to have a single connection for multiple Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), including cloud-to-cloud connections, over SD WAN for better security, agility and latency compared with connecting via the public internet.

In addition, Colt states through application recognition and traffic steering features the availability and performance of access to multi-cloud services is increased.

This new offering is underpinned by the Colt IQ Network, which is comprised of 29,000 on net buildings and more than 900 data centers, serving more than 25,000 customers globally. Colt's dense fibre network is owned and operated by the vendor.

Enterprises have access to public and private peering with CSPs globally, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft's Azure Cloud. According to Colt, businesses can choose their own combination of cloud platforms, and application traffic will be optimised to take the most direct path.

The company states that 96% of senior IT decision makers are confident in moving critical business capabilities to the cloud, indicating cloud computing and digital transformation is well becoming the norm.

Furthermore, the study by Colt also found that 86% of businesses are taking a multi-cloud approach, highlighting that the majority of enterprises are now relying on many cloud environments to power their move to digital services.

As a result, multi-cloud access that is optimised and secure is growing in demand, the company states.

Colt's VP of product portfolio Peter Coppens says, “As more and more enterprises are shifting their business-critical workloads to the cloud, and using multiple cloud environments to do so, working with a connectivity partner that can provide high-performance, rapidly scalable and highly secure cloud connectivity to one or many cloud environments has never been more important.

“By using Colt's SD WAN multi-cloud offering, enterprises can now benefit from better performance, security, scalability and efficiency by accessing all their cloud services through a streamlined infrastructure.

"This ensures that businesses can focus on the next phase of their growth, knowing that their operations are supported by a best-in-class network and enabled by best-in-class CSPs.

Google Cloud managing director of partnership Kevin O'Kane says, “Enterprises are increasingly embracing hybrid and multi-cloud approaches, allowing them to deploy applications faster and run mission-critical applications on the infrastructure best suited to their business needs, as we've seen with the success of Google Cloud's Anthos.

“We're pleased that Colt will expand its capabilities to enable businesses greater connectivity across multiple cloud environments.

Colt's SD WAN offering has been recognised by the Network Transformation Awards, with Colt named as an early adopter and an innovator of SDN and NFV technologies.

Versa Networks CMO Michael Wood says, “Colt is a provider of delivering quality of experience, exceptional performance, and business resiliency to customers throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.

“We are excited to partner with Colt and their innovative multi-cloud connectivity offer which leverages Versa Secure SD WAN to enable a best in class experience for businesses around the globe.

Colt's SD WAN offering has been recognised by the Network Transformation Awards, with Colt named as an early adopter and an innovator of SDN and NFV technologies. The multi-cloud proposition via SD WAN is available first to European customers.

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