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CYPHER LEARNING advances online learning in Australia
Fri, 8th Apr 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

CYPHER LEARNING has partnered with the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF), Australia's largest and widely recognised health and fitness education provider.

The e-learning company has also announced a new ILP and visual identity, with the intention of driving forth its refreshed mission.

With the launch of ILP, CYPHER LEARNING aims to emphasise the difference between a traditional learning management system (LMS) and an intelligent solution, by providing a mix of LMS and learning experience platform (LXP) functionalities, all integrated into a single platform.

Moving beyond the static features of a traditional LMS, an intelligent learning platform is designed to be smarter and more proactive - blending automation, goals and recommendations, while also empowering teachers and instructors to reimagine online education and deliver personalised learning experiences.

The first set of intelligent features released by CYPHER LEARNING are related to skill development and include the following:

  • The ability for learners to set learning goals (to achieve certain job roles or competencies) to help them upskill and foster professional development.
  • Personalised recommendations that provide proactive assistance, enabling learners to see the next best actions in their journey to master goals (e.g., view a video, participate in a Q-A, enrol in a course, join a group, etc.).
  • Goal tracking, to get an overview of the mastered goals and see progress through goals and competency levels.
  • Community features that enable learners to connect with peers who have the same learning goals using tools such as Q-A forums, news and resources areas.

CYPHER LEARNING CEO Graham Glass says, “Learning solutions are getting smarter. By adding more intelligence into learning technology, organisations can better meet the needs of today's learners and step into the future.

"Our platform takes the learning experiences to a new level by focusing on the individual learner and how to drive their learning growth.

Glass continues, “CYPHER LEARNING's intelligent and user-centric approach puts us at the forefront of learning technology. We're pushing the boundaries of what a learning platform can be empowering users to do and achieve more."

The new functionalities will be available for customers starting mid-April. Throughout 2022 and beyond, CYPHER LEARNING has planned to roll out additional intelligent features that will help schools and organisations better design personalised learning journeys for their learners.

To emphasise the company's new direction, CYPHER LEARNING has simultaneously refreshed its brand identity. The rebrand includes a new consolidated website, showcasing its solutions, a new corporate logo and new brand messaging, emphasising the vision of the company to change the way people teach and learn.

The new website showcases CYPHER LEARNING's solutions across all major e-learning sectors: NEO LMS for K-20, MATRIX LMS for businesses, and INDIE LMS for entrepreneurs. Underpinned by these solutions, the company supports more than 40 languages and has offices worldwide with global headquarters in San Francisco.