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Darabase to launch groundbreaking AR advertising platform
Wed, 8th Nov 2023

Darabase, has declared its plans to launch a pioneering platform set to change the landscape of AR advertising, after five years of continuous innovation supported by leaders in the marketing, AR, property, ad-tech and tech world.

This cutting-edge platform provides a solution to a gap in AR advertising; the issue of gaining permission to display ads over physical property. In an era where mixed reality and AR experiences are quickly becoming commonplace in daily life with substantial investment from tech giants like Apple, Meta, Snap and others, Darabase's platform aims to provide a more systematic approach to procuring permission.

The focus of the platform is to enable property owners to transform their physical property into AR billboards, thereby creating a controlled space for advertisements and digital content - something that has yet to be controlled well in the current AR landscape. The platform also allows property owners to generate revenue through the monetisation of their physical property.

On the other hand, this platform from Darabase would allow advertisers to place their campaigns and connect with consumers in a much more streamlined way. The regulation around such activities requires permission, and Darabase's platform serves as a framework to obtain this necessary consent.

The platform aims to help brands tap into the $680 billion digital spend while also protecting properties from unregulated immersive digital content. This initiative will not only shield them from unwanted AR advertising but also contribute to generating additional value and revenue.

Dominic Collins, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Darabase, expressed, "Property Digital Rights protect real estate from unwanted AR advertising, and can create additional value and revenue for owners."

According to Collins, "Augmented reality isn't the future, it's already happening at scale. This year, Statista estimated the global digital advertising market to be valued at $680 bn, a growing proportion of which is shifting to immersive AR media. Darabase exists to enable this transition to happen by providing a framework for AR advertising that is legal, brand safe that gives consumers a great experience."

With the host of possibilities offered by AR advertising, Darabase believes that property owners should have the right to protect their properties and control how their premises are used as canvases for AR content. The company has enabled a marketplace for Property Digital Rights (PDRs) which are then registered as secure tokens on the Polygon Blockchain.

Beyond this, the property owners can register their portfolios and claim their PDRs on the Darabase platform and the company is offering the first 1,000 properties registered on the platform to be done free of cost.

With signs of support coming in from the industry, Scott Kaplanis, Managing Partner, GroundBreak Ventures, lauded Darabase's initiative saying: "By empowering property owners to claim their digital rights, Darabase is leading the charge in pioneering a new era for outdoor media."