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Data Privacy Day: Experts call for essential adaptation in AI era
Fri, 26th Jan 2024

As Data Privacy Day nears, insights from Delinea, Barracuda, and Immersive Labs shed light on the increasing challenges in data privacy and security in the context of advancing AI technologies.

Rick Hanson, President at Delinea, offers a stark perspective on the future of privacy. He suggests, “The end of privacy as we know it might be closer than you think,” due to the growing reliance on AI and machine learning technologies. Hanson highlights the rapid advancements in deepfakes, blurring the lines between reality and digital fabrication.

He raises concerns about the replication of digital identities, including digital versions of our DNA, questioning the ownership of online personas. Hanson warns that AI technologies are evolving faster than current regulations. He predicts stricter data protection requirements by 2024 and advises vigilance in data handling.

Hanson recommends the use of password managers and multi-factor authentication to mitigate risks and emphasizes the importance of having a cyber insurance policy for recovery in the event of a data breach.

Kevin Breen, Director of Cyber Threat Research at Immersive Labs, focuses on the challenges in data sovereignty and security. He identifies human error as the top cause of cloud data breaches, emphasizing the need for skill development in cyber capabilities.

Breen notes the importance of security and DevSecOps teams in addressing these challenges as sensitive data is increasingly pushed to the cloud. He discusses the need for a secure environment design, especially against ransomware threats, citing the example of Caesars Entertainment, which paid a substantial ransom to prevent customer data exposure.

Breen also references multiple data breaches reported by Haveibeenpwned, highlighting the importance of strong password hygiene to combat credential stuffing and phishing attacks.

Siroui Mushegian, CIO at Barracuda Networks, addresses the inevitability of data breaches in businesses. She states, “If around one in every two businesses experienced a data breach in the last year, it is not a big leap to assume that over time every organisation will experience a data breach.” Mushegian advocates for a robust approach to authentication and access, including multifactor authentication and the zero-trust approach.

She calls for the implementation of AI-powered security technologies for comprehensive protection and emphasizes the importance of continuous data backup, adhering to the 3:2:1 rule for data backup and encryption. Mushegian also underscores the critical role of employee engagement and training in cybersecurity, ensuring staff awareness of the latest threats and appropriate responses to suspicious activities.

These expert opinions collectively highlight the urgent need for organizations to adapt to the evolving digital landscape. Embracing robust security practices, staying updated with technological advancements, and cultivating a cybersecurity-aware culture are essential steps for navigating the complexities of data privacy and security in the AI era.