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DataStax drives enterprises to build AI-powered applications
Wed, 9th Aug 2023

DataStax has announced a vector search capabilities for DataStax Enterprise, bringing the power of generative AI to cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments.

DataStax, the real-time AI company, announced the availability of vector search capabilities in DataStax Enterprise, enabling businesses to build applications with the ability of generative AI in their own data centre. The on-premises database is built on the open-source Apache Cassandra.

The availability of vector search for DSE follows the company's recent announcement of the general availability of vector search for its marquee cloud database, Astra DB. 

Organisations can now use DataStax's vector databases to build generative AI applications on any cloud, in the data centre, or in a hybrid cloud environment. It is a database that supports vector search and can store data as "vector embeddings," which DataStax says is essential to delivering generative AI applications like those built on GPT-4. 

The availability of vector search in DSE enables developers to easily leverage Cassandra as a vector database for their large language model (LLM), AI assistant, and real-time generative AI projects without sending data outside their secure networks. 

DataStax DSE is also designed to support the most stringent enterprise-level requirements for managing sensitive data, including PHI, PII, and support with PCI enablement. 

Customers across highly regulated industries like banking and financial services, healthcare, and other sectors processing susceptible data can utilise DSE to power their AI initiatives with performance that leverages the speed and scale of Cassandra.

Ed Anuff, Chief Product Officer of DataStax, says: "We're committed to delivering vector databases that meet the requirements of any enterprise as businesses everywhere look to infuse generative AI into scalable, secure, production-ready applications."

"While the scale and flexibility of cloud environments are compelling, some companies may choose to keep some or all of their data in their own data centers to adhere to regulatory requirements or for a variety of other reasons." 

"We want to make it easy for any business looking to stay at the forefront of innovation to adopt generative AI now," says Anuff.

Vector search is a new feature in DataStax Enterprise 7.0, which offers powerful advancements in cloud-native operations and generative AI capabilities. DataStax says DSE 7.0 is the only self-managed, enterprise-ready database with vector search capabilities, massive scale and extremely low latencies. 

John Madden, Chief Architect, Fraud at ACI Worldwide, says: "I aim to foster an environment of experimentation and innovation so that we can find new and novel ways to extract information from all the data that we gather from our solutions."

"We've been working with DataStax on new projects that have shaped our cloud migration strategy, future technology stack, and overall strategic vision for leveraging data within our solutions."

"Now, with the ability to leverage DSE to support generative AI applications using vector search, my team can explore new, innovative approaches to using data and align our long-term objectives with DataStax's expertise, further enhancing our capabilities and vision for the future," says Madden.