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Dell releases slew of new data protection offerings

By Catherine Knowles, Fri 26 Feb 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Dell has released a series of new data protection solutions to help organisations protect business-critical systems, applications, and data either on premises or in the cloud.

The vendor is rolling out Dell Data Protection Rapid Recovery, three new data deduplication appliances models, new Dell Data Protection Endpoint Recovery - Free Edition, and the new Dell Data Protection NetVault Backup 11.

Instant recovery for the cloud era with Dell Data Protection Rapid Recovery

Generally available today, Dell Data Protection Rapid Recovery integrates familiar features of AppAssure and other leading Dell IP to help eliminate downtime for customer environments, Dell says.

Customers can attain ZeroImpact recovery of systems, applications and data across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Rapid Snap for Applications technology takes snapshots of entire physical or virtual environments up to every five minutes - this gives users immediate access to data in the event of an incident and the power to restore in real time as if nothing ever happened, Dell says.

In addition, Rapid Snap for Virtual technology offers agentless protection of VMware VMs.

Backup more and store less with new DR series de-duplication appliances

New releases to the Dell DR series of de-duplication appliances include the new Dell DR4300e, DR4300 and DR6300.

According to the company, the new Dell DR appliances deliver increased capacity, speed and performance, enabling customers to backup more data and store less. They leverage the industry’s first, free source-side de-duplication capabilities to relieve network bandwidth congestion and boost ingest performance.

The DR4300 is designed for mid-market and delivers up to 108TB of usable capacity while ingesting up to 23TB of data per hour, while the DR63000 is a larger mid-market and small enterprise solution that delivers up to 360TB of usable capacity while ingesting up to 29TB of data per hour, delivering the scalability needed to support growing environments.

Freemium protection and recovery for Windows clients

To help companies protect the growing volumes of data created by endpoint devices, Dell Data Protection Endpoint Recovery – Free Edition will be available in a software offering that gives customers a robust endpoint protection and recovery solution for Windows clients.

A no-cost, set-and-forget client protection solution designed for a single user, the freemium offering provides file de-duplication and compression to reduce storage costs and enables fast recovery of lost data.

Increase scalability and performance with Dell Data Protection NetVault Backup v11

Dell NetVault Backup is a cross-platform, enterprise backup and recovery solution that offers a broad spectrum of OS, application, and backup target support. Version 11 delivers increased scalability and improved performance to simplify backup in diverse and rapidly growing IT environments, Dell says.

According to Dell, new features of Dell Data Protection NetVault Backup 11 include:

  • Enterprise Windows client deployment manager that allows customers to target up to 1,000 clients for automated installation, increasing both efficiency and scalability.
  • High-performance file system multi-streaming capability that allows customers to break up backups into smaller, simultaneously executed chunks to increase performance.
  • Restartable VMware backups so users pick up where a job left off.


  • Dell Data Protection Rapid Recovery is available now worldwide starting at $1,199 for new users. A free upgrade for current AppAssure licence holders is also available.
  • The Dell DR 4300e, DR 4300 and DR6300 are available now worldwide. Pricing starts at
  • $13,000 for the DR4300e, $43,000 for the DR4300, and $87,000 for the DR6300.
  • Dell Data Protection Endpoint Recovery – Free Edition will be available worldwide beginning in early March.
  • Dell NetVault Backup 11 is available now worldwide starting as low as $1,265.

Brett Roscoe, Dell Systems and Information Management vice president product management, says, “With the next generation of Data Protection solutions, Dell is committed to helping companies gain control of their IT environments, and protecting the applications and data that flows across the organisation both on premises and in the cloud.

“These significant enhancements to the Dell Data Protection portfolio help organisations utilise the opportunities of cloud and build a future-ready infrastructure by ensuring they have instant access to systems, applications and data that run their businesses.

“From clients all the way to the cloud, Dell Data Protection solutions deliver a combination of performance, price and flexibility that no other vendor can match.”

 "Organisations of all sizes continue to look for better ways to protect their data and ensure the recoverability of their IT systems,” says Jason Buffington, Enterprise Strategy Group principle analyst.

“This is especially true of mid-market companies, whose businesses are growing and infrastructures are evolving in real time as they move data and apps to the cloud.

“The Dell Data Protection portfolio of de-duplication appliances and backup software solutions, including its newest release of new Dell Data Protection Rapid Recovery, is designed to give their customers flexible options in order to meet the agility and efficiency needs that all businesses have," he says.

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