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Devoli pioneers single-platform telco services for Australia & New Zealand
Tue, 28th Nov 2023

Devoli, a trans-Tasman telco, has become a pioneer in its industry by being the first to enable clients to instantaneously provision and manage internet and voice services for customers in Australia and New Zealand. This move considerably broadens the scope of its streamlined, unified software platform.

It has been a challenging task for many businesses that require broadband and voice connections in both nations. The provisioning and managing processes often involve multiple third parties and require manual communications for individual business sites, extending the timelines.

However, Devoli's automated technology assures a smoother, more efficient solution, having emerged successful during its large-scale implementation in New Zealand. Agents now have the ability to provision and manage broadband for their end customers in both Australia and New Zealand using a single platform.

Karl Rosnell, CEO of Devoli, said: "Devoli has alleviated the pain points for Trans-Tasman businesses needing unified internet and voice technology."

"Our Vumeda platform allows businesses to use our automation capabilities to easily order, sell, and manage voice and internet services."

Vumeda's user-friendly quoting tool displays the products and services available at an address, the cost and allows the placing and provisioning of orders. Managed service providers, internet service providers (ISPs), and corporates can now establish their voice and internet connectivity in multiple sites across both nations.

According to Rosnell, "Vumeda delivers control to customers. This allows them to confidently assure their clients of their strong relationships with traditional telecommunications companies, even though they have never met them."

The system simplifies the process to such an extent that tasks involving Australian connections happen faster with minimal effort. This makes it easier for service providers to extend their operations into Australia.

The CEO further added, "We've just implemented our first major trans-Tasman deployment. Devoli's automated approach has saved them significant time and cost that would have been incurred had the customer needed to approach multiple internet vendors in both countries."

Devoli's advanced network services now extend seamlessly across both New Zealand and Australia, with connectivity through all local fibre companies (LFCs), various other access network providers, including fixed wireless services, and Australia's extensive National Broadband Network.

Across their customers, the company manages over 115,000 businesses and residences with over 10 million minutes of calls per month. The infrastructure handles up to 1Tbps of peak aggregate traffic per night. Aiding further in telco efficiencies, Devoli's innovative automation technology - Vumeda, enables customers to aggregate, integrate, bundle, and deliver telecommunications services, including white-labelled voice and broadband, to customers of any size.

Rosnell concluded, "We've helped a number of New Zealand businesses offer connectivity services and even become their own ISPs, and we're now doing the same in Australia. For CFOs, our service represents another revenue stream. For CIOs, CTOs, and other decision makers, it simply makes their service easier to deliver and more affordable."