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Ecosystm teams up with Capgemini to accelerate growth

Ecosystm has brought on Capgemini, a consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services provider, as a digital partner to extend the company’s growth and digital experience plans.

The disruptive technology research and advisory platform is looking to extend its current offerings, and underwent an ‘extensive’ search for a trusted partner.

According to a statement, Ecosystm was looking for a company that had proven credentials in enabling digital transformation journeys for leading businesses and was able to deliver unique experiences to users and stakeholders.

Ecosystm states that Capgemini was chosen due to its experienced technology team, deep subject matter expertise and renowned governance.

The Capgemini team will work with Ecosystm’s in-house team. Together they are focused on achieving higher levels of innovation and customer satisfaction, specifically when it comes to providing a secure and quality experience across the Ecosystm online platform and mobile applications.

Ecosystm states the partnership will result in a more stable, secure, engaging and interactive experience for customers and users.

Ecosystem CEO Amit Gupta says, “Capgemini is a world class technology services provider, and working with them is in line with our vision of creating a globally renowned technology platform and product that will provide exceptional experiences for our customers.

“We believe that this engagement will further propel us on our journey to democratise tech research, helping organisations worldwide who require technology research and advisory services that can scale with their own unique individual requirements, at their own time of need, and with a personalised and engaging experience."

Capgemini managing director of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Gaurav Modi, says, “Ecosystm is a gamechanger in the technology research and advisory industry and we are delighted to be working with the organisation in supporting the scaling of their data driven and experience centric digital journey."

He says, “Technology is the prime component of a platform like Ecosystm and plays a pivotal role in determining not only our success, but the success of our goal to democratise technology research.

“We firmly believe that we will achieve greater success in the longer term with a high performing, world class platform.

“Our engagement with Capgemini is important to us as we grow both the number of users as well as our customer base. At the same time, we’ll now be able to further deliver on our goals to leverage digital technologies, support continuous agile delivery and deliver world class innovation to our customers.”

Ecosystm a fully integrated, self-service research and advisory app that brings together the tech ecosystem. The app has fully integrated native social media and end to end communication capabilities including messaging, scheduling and integrated video calling within the app to engage with Ecosystm analysts.

It’s been designed to democratise the tech research and advisory market, offering real-time, cross-border market research, insights and advisory to provide tech vendors with ongoing and real time market insight.

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